Uletarephian Union

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6, 28.111, 34.387
Uletarephian Union
Unión Uletarefiaca - Igo Uletarefiê
CapitalPuerto Elisabeth, Tilia, Skael
Largest cityPuerto Elisabeth
Official languagesEganian, Castellanese
LegislatureLegislature of the Uletarephian Union
 • Upper houseParliament
 • Lower housePeople's Assembly
 • Estimate (2015)42,593,800
GDP (nominal)
 • Total$1,426 billion
HDISteady 0.868
very high
TimezoneWUT + 2 h
CurrencyPohe, Eganian Tampeli (PHE, ETA)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.uu

The Uletarephian Union (Castellanese : Unión Uletarefiaca / Eganian : Igo Uletarefiê) is a politico-economic union of 3 member states that are located in the Eganian peninsula in southwestern Uletha and in northeastern Tarephia. The three members are Pohenicia, Egani and Steran (since December 2015). It was founded in 1989


The UU was founded in the late 1989 by Egani and Pohenicia (and another country?) as the result of a will to cooperate, to create mutual support between the economies and the politics of these countries, giving more power and rights to the citizens. A few of the institutions that were created in the beginning were gradually separated from the UU and became international institutions managed by the UU and the Assembly of nations.


The Uletarephian Union is organized around two legislative chambers, one committee and several institutions.

The Uletarephian Parliament

The members of this chamber are elected by the citizens of the countries. They are placed in the parliament according to their political party. The parliament is composed of 450 deputies who are replaced every 4 years by new deputies. They can't be reelected more than twice.

  • The members of the parliament submit laws, suggestions and protocols.
  • They oversee the projects and make sure that these projects comply with the laws.
  • They accept or not the projects and suggestions from the Uletarephian Assembly.
  • It is situated in Pohenicia, in Puerto Elisabeth, in the district of finance.

The Uletarephian Assembly

This chamber is composed of 1000 citizens who are randomly chosen every two years among volunteers from the countries of the UU. The number of citizens of each nationality in the chamber is proportional to the population of the country they are from. A citizen can be chosen several times and have the right to decline the invitation.

  • The citizens of the Assembly submit laws, suggestions and protocols.
  • They accept or not the projects and suggestions from the Parliament.
  • It is situated in Egani, in Tilia, in the new district of administrative affairs. The citizens of each nationality come to live in Tilia during these two years.

The Uletarephian Commission

It is composed of the heads of state and a Government Council for each country of the UU. The heads of state are part of the Permanent Commission and the Government Council is part of the Temporary Commission. The Government Council is composed of 20 deputies per country and they are replaced every two years. These deputies are elected by the citizens of the same country which are part of the Uletarephian Assembly.

The Commission has to oversee the Parliament and the Assembly. It can also submit laws and make suggestions but it doesn't have the power to decide. The members of the Commission are also the ambassadors of each country and of the UU in international meetings.

It is situated in Egani, in Skael, a town with a vast administrative complex.


  • The Uletarephian Economic and Social Committee (Monsaró, Barrio Diagonal, Pohenicia)
  • The Uletarephian Court of Justice (Regio Lexos, Barrio Centro, Pohenicia)
  • The Uletarephian Court of Auditors (Krisoaral, Egani)
  • The Defender of the Uletarephian People (Skael, Egani)
  • The Uletarephian Regional Policy/Cohesion Policy (Skael, Egani)
  • The Uletarephian Program for the Mobility of University Students (Saavedra, Pohenicia)
  • The Uletarephian Trade Commitee (Puerto Elisabeth, Barrio Financiero, Pohenicia)
  • The Uletarephian Cultural Commitee, with the aim of rewarding every year several towns or cities in the UU that have promoted and made efforts for culture, youth, pratrimony and environment. (Ilíberis, Pohenicia)