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An unincorporated area is a land that is not part of a municipal corporation.

Unincorporated area by country


The private properity of the family Du Bois, the former princeps of the independent state of Du Bois, near the city of Du Bois since 1766 til today is outside of any administrative division and belongs not to the city of Du Bois or to the province of Guimbras, but is only under the supervision of the state of Latina. In this area live roundabout 300 people, roundabout 100 of them belongs to the Du Bois family.

This is the only unincorporated area in Latina.


In Naajaland, there are two unincorporated areas:

  • Southeast Naajaland National Park- also Naajalit Nunaanni nuna eqqissisimatitaq (in Naajalandic). It is a large national park, covering the massive southeast inhabited part of Naajaland. It was first part of the Kujallaa region, but after 2001, after the administrative divisions changed, national park became an independent administrative subject. De iure it still belongs to Naajaland, but de facto, it has the same status as Southern Islands. After 2001, Treaty System of Abandoned Naajalandic Areas (shortly known as TSANA) has forbidden and restricted the area, so there is forbidden mining, no country can war with Naajaland for this area and only scientics from scientific bases and people with special permission from Naajalandic government can visit the area.
  • Sagwo Air Base- also Mittarfik Palermiut (in Naajalandic). It is a former air base in the extreme south of the country, founded in 1944 by Neo Delta in the settlement of Saffinuffik. The settlement was destroyed, people must have moved in a new town of Sagwo (now Palermiut). After that, an airport and naval base was constructed in the territory. A big disaster happened in 1972, when a plane, flying from Neo Delta to Sagwo Air Base, wrecked in settlement of Aapalualuk and contaminated it with plutonium. All people in the settlement died, but fortunately, Aapalualuk was enough isolated from other settlements, so they weren't contaminated. However, there were found alot of mutated animals, infected by plutonium, which managed to escape from Aapalualuk and surroundings. Naajaland decided to protest against Sagwo Air Base. When Neo Delta refused to move from the base, alot of Naajalandic people attacked the base. They started fire, and it blow up to massive size. The base was completely burned and survivors escaped. Today, Sagwo Air Base is an unincorporated area, and no one has permission to visit the place. There are still some remains of the base, but there is probably no chance for the base to be restored.