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Location of Carran Assembly [1]

The United Commonian Car Co. is a car company based in Williamston, Craters, Commonia. It is a subsidiary of RaccGroup. It focuses on the budget end of the market.


UCCC was founded in the late 1930's as the Commonian importer of Racc (RoCo). Initially it was meant for importing luxury Racc cars for sale to rich Commonians but later started importing budget spec small cars. This led to in 1955 the building of a factory in Williamston building unique to Commonia CKD kit versions of the Aulean designs. These cars were a hit in Commonia as they were cheap to build and run in a country still rebuilding from The Great War. This situation lasted until the start of the Commonian Civil War when the factory was requisitioned by the Fascist Republic of Commonia to build tanks and all the foreign Aulean employees left. After the Commonian Civil War ended in 1990 when Racc was invited to buy back their old factory which, they accepted and moved most of the company there as they were in the lower end of the market which was a rapidly disappearing niche in the Aulean market and with unusual export laws in Auleus they were unable to export, so they moved Racc upmarket and moved the rest of the of the company to Commonia.

Model Range

Current Range

UCCC 130

UCCC 810

UCCC 920

Former Range

UCCC 510

UCCC 910