United Dairies

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United Dairies
IndustryManufacturing, food processing
Founded1 January 1996; 25 years ago (1996-01-01)
Williamsdene, BEAU
New Ingerland
Area Served New Ingerland.png New Ingerland
ProductsMilk, butter, cheese, ice-cream
RevenueIncrease £1516.26 million (2016-17)
Number of employees6,690

United Dairies is a major food producing agricultural co-operative owned by around 3,600 dairy farmers across New Ingerland. The cooperative produces 90% of New Ingerland's dairy products; such as milk, butter, cheese, and ice-cream. Based in Williamsdene, the cooperative operates a number of facilities for the processing of produce for domestic and export consumption. In 2016/17, the co-operative posted a revenue forecast of £1516.26 million, making it New Ingerland's third largest company (behind Red Lion and Stancor).


As is common in most Western countries, co-operatives have long formed the principal business structure in the dairy industry. United Dairies was formed on the 1 January 1996 with the merger of the three largest dairy co-operatives in New Ingerland; the National Dairy Co-operative (based in Williamsdene), the Waiparu Dairy Co-operative (based in Pasquale, and Whitehorse Co-operative Dairies (based in Newry. These organisations had themselves formed in recent decades through a series of mergers and acquisitions, and were the culmination of the consolidation of dairy businesses that had commenced in the 1950s.

The merger came as part of the deregulation of the New Ingerish dairy industry. The remaining 10% of the New Ingerish dairy market is occupied by a number of smaller players, the largest of whom, Cygnus, voted to remain independent from United Dairies. The Dairy Export Board was not incorporated in to the new organisation, and remains the crown statutory agency in control of the export all New Ingerish dairy products.


  • Lunenborough (white milk, milk powder, cheese)
  • Newry (flavoured milk, cream, yoghurt)
  • Pasquale (white milk, milk powder, cheese)
  • Te Kara (butter, cream, infant milk powder)
  • Williamsdene (white milk, cheese, casein, whey, proteins, canned products)

Products and brands


  • White and flavoured milk
  • Milk powders
  • Butter
  • Casein and caseinates
  • Cheese
  • Condensed milk
  • Cream
  • Infant formula base
  • Milk proteins (e.g. lactoferrin and colostrum)
  • Whey


  • Whitehorse (milk, cream, butter)

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