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7, -15, 14
United Kingdom of Thul
Verenigd Koninkrijk der Thullië
FlagCoat of arms
"Samen sterker"
Stronger together
Lied der Vereniging

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Map of Thul
and largest city
Official languagesAderlands, Ingerish and Latinian in the northeast.
 • Regional languagesPuttens, Venturian
Ethnic Groups
Aderlandish (63%), Ingerish (31%), Other (6%)
NationalitiesThullian (81%), Latinian (12%), Khaiwooneese (5%), Other (3%)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
 • King of the United Thullian LandsVincent-Jan van Aderland Blauw-Haarssem
 • President of ThulSofie Besseman
 • Gouverneur van AderlandHenk Haanstra
 • Governor of the Ingeria RegionElle Whitteman
 • Gobernador de VenturasJuan de Sicile
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Representatives
 • Total466067.63 km2
179949.72 sq mi
 • Water (%)3%
GDP (PPP)2015
 • Total$1.480 trillion
 • Per capita$48,163
GDP (nominal)2015
 • Total$0.912 trillion
 • Per capita$19,456
HDI (2015)Increase 0.894
very high
TimezoneTHT (+9.15)
CurrencyThullian guilder (ƒ) (GUL)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.th

The United Kingdom of Thul (Aderlandic: Verenigd Koninkrijk der Thullië; Latinian: Reino Unido de Thule) is a constitutional monarchy located in southwestern Tarephia. Its capital and largest city is Vlisdam, which is where the government is located. The United Kingdom of Thul is ruled as a constitutional monarchy by the House of Van Aderland Blauw-Haarssem. To the north Thul is bordered to the Federal Republic of Achecaux, in the east to Oridica. Surrounding Thul along the western coastline lays the Sea of Thul. The official languages are Aderlands, Ingerish and Latinian, however some states have other de facto languages.


The United Kingdom of Thul has been formed from the southern Aderlandic Kingdom, northeastern Reino de Thule and the northernwestern Republic of Thul who have merged in 1984. They came to an agreement that their lands would be better off under one leader, where the then Queen of Aderland came first in a vote for leadership of the country, making the government form into a constitutional monarchy. The Queen immediately abdicated, and the current king of the United Kingdom of Thul stood up to the throne.

Geography of Thul

Most land of the country is flat.


Settlements in the Thullian lands go far back.

Colonial Past

The current Thullian lands have been formerly colonized by the Aderlandic, Ingerish and Latinian people, which can still be seen today. The Aderlandish and Ingerish collaborated in 1300 at first in colonization, after a long and bloody naval war in the Sea of Thul. They named their colonies The United Colonies When they both arrived near the town of Wanteren, there were 2 uninhabited islands which were very close to the coast. The Aderlandic got the smaller island, Begger Island and the Ingerish the bigger one, named Enfield Island. The Aderlandic and Ingerish together settled Wanteren at the coast, however after a disagreement on the name of the town The United Colonies went to war again. This time, unlike the first war there was a winner. The Aderlandish won without any major casualties and banned the Ingerish from their towns and islands.

Where the Aderlandic could settle freely due to no more resistance of the Ingerish, they did not decide to genocide the remaining Ingerish people. They got dropped off at San Venturas, where some Latinian colonists were already colonizing. Then a long time of peace happened in the colonies. After 100 years of peace in the San Venturas colony where a mixed society of Latinian and Ingerish people had been established, a dispute broke out after they became independent in 1720 over who should become leader of the new country. A vote was held where 51% of the population voted for a Latinian leader. Next day the Kingdom of Venturas (Reino de Venturas) was established. Massive migration of Ingerish took place afterwards, to the uninhabited northeastern part of Thul where a new republic was established, the Republic of Thul.

After a several hundreds of years, the borders were established firmly in the Thul region. The Kingdom of Venturas was by far the smallest country in the Thullian region, with lands going from the capital of San Venturas to the city Balle. The Republic of Thul was between the two Kingdoms in terms of size. They did have all lands north of Flushdam to the Achecaux Republic.

Administrative Divisions

There are 3 regions in the Kingdom, named Aderland, Ingeria and Venturas. All regions are made up out of states, which are made of municipalities.


List of regions:

Name Flag Capital city Area Population Languages
Aderland Overgest Aderlandic,Ingerish
Ingeria Acrillic City Aderlandic, Ingerish, Latinian
Venturas San Venturas Aderlandic, Ingerish, Venturian


List of states:

Flag Name Capital city Population List of municipalities
Putten Overgest 2.521.000 Municipalities of Putten


List of biggest municipalities:

Flag Name Main city Population
Sauweren Overgest 1.567.019
Fepperen Fepperen 1.027.183


List of biggest agglomerations:


The United Kingdom of Thul is a constitutional monarchy, made up of a King or Queen, a president and 2 chairmen. The King or Queen is of the House of Aderland Blauw-Haarssem, the president is voted by the public and the chairmen of the 3 regions are chosen by the monarch. A requirement of the chairmen is that they have to be born in the United Kingdom of Thul or any of the previous lands where the Kingdom has been formed from.

The term length of the monarch is theoretically until death, however most kings and queens of the previous Aderlandish Kingdom have abdicated around the age of 65. The President of Thul has a maximum term length of 10 years, the chairmen of 5 years.

Order of leadership

Position Name Political Party Established in
King of the United Thullian Lands Vincent-Jan van Aderland Blauw-Haarssem not applicable 1984
President of Thul Sofie Besseman Vaderland Voorop 2014
Governor of Aderland Henk Haanstra Liberaal Aderland 2010
Governor of Ingeria Elle Whitteman Workers Party of Thul 2011
Governor of Venturas Juan de Sicile Venturialistas 2012

Political Parties

There is a lower house, the House of Representatives (HR) and a upper house, the Senate (SN), where laws and propositions have to go through. All seats of both houses are chosen by the public. The House of Representatives consists of 251 seats and the Senate consists of 101. There is an odd number in each house to prevent a tie in votes.

These are the current active political parties active in the United Kingdom of Thul:

Party Abbreviation Color Founding year Leader Seats in SN Seats in HR
Vaderland Voorop VV Blue 1987 Reindert Val 29 79
Socialists Red SOC Red 1971 Hank Green 9 61
Venturialistas VEN Purple 2006 Carles Bubin 5 20
Liberaal Aderland LA Green 2000 Carla Zwart 6 19
Party for the Animals PFA Green 2009 Jack Free 3 2
Elderly United EU Yellow 1999 Laurel Summerton 0 9
Partido Popular PP Blue 1970 Lily Martinez 21 36
Workers Party of Thul WPT Red 1985 Magdalena de Vries 23 19
Citizens Left LEF Pink 1985 Louise Vidal 5 6
Total: 101 251



National Flag

The national flag has been made by artist Sjaak Wit, and is a simplified merger of the three flags of the previous countries before the merger.




In Thul there is a broad network of highways.


Nearly every major city has an international airport. Overgest International Airport is currently the major hub to get into Thul, as most airports are still under construction.


Throughout the country lays a vast network of railroads, which have been used a lot in the past for cargo, and are now mostly for passengers.

Subways and Trams

A lot of towns have an underground subway system and some older towns have a tram system. The tram systems of New Lancastershire and Vranken are the oldest in the Kingdom, and maybe in the world. Only 50 years ago they have been connected.


The coastal areas of Thul have a mediterranean climate, where some parts have vast winter climates throughout the year.



Racing is by far the number one sport in Thul. Every year more than 70% of the population visits a race. Most major towns and municipalities organize a race on National Race day, which is on the first sunday of March. The Circuit-Park Gestel in the city of Overgest is home to one of the earliest circuits in Thul. With a Grand Prix and National circuit, it hosts many races throughout the year.


Brought here by the Ingerish, it has become one of the most popular sports in the country.

Ice Skating

One of the national sports of Thul is ice skating. The Aderlandic people brought the tradition to Thul in the early 1300s, however due to the warm climate in most of Thul, only in the mountainous areas it could be played.

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