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11, 37.1948, 120.9183
 • Total564.5 km2
 • Census (2015)230 000
 • Density407/km2

Unzai (ʔunzai, old script: xxx) is a city in Kojo's region Kyoélnain-iki. Originating as a small mining and cattle village, this older settlement was raided and completely destroyed during a conflict in 1839. The Kojolese Kingdom shortly thereafter sent a mission to rebuild a new city not far from the original village centre. This small rectangular grid still forms the city's main business and shopping centre today, with the city's railway station Unzai Juemkōchezi (lit. "Mountain Mouth Station"), constructed in 1867 looking over the city from a terrace on the mountain.

Since the middle of the 20th century the city's economic focus shifted from small mining undertakings and agriculture to diversified services, education and tourism. Today the Unzai Juemkō Ōnagara University hosts the country's most prestigious faculty for higher mathematics.