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8, 35.898, 106.658
Upper-Var SAR
Haut-Var RSA
Flag of the Haut-Var SAR
and largest city
Ginex (1.2 million)
Official languagesAtaraxian
 • Regional languagesSome native dialects
NationalitiesAtaraxian (93 %), Wiwaxian (2 %), Other (5 %)
GovernmentConfederated Constitutional Monarcy
 • MonarchQueen Marie-France VII
 • Prime MinisterSébastien d'Antan
LegislatureParlement d'Ataraxie
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseNational Assembly
 • Census (2015)3,769,166
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total$1.750 trillion
 • Per capita$40,151
GDP (nominal)2013
 • Total$yyy trillion
 • Per capita$yyy
HDI (2012)Increase 0.787
TimezoneAXT - 5/6 h (120°)
CurrencyAtaraxian Couronne (AXC)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hv

Haut-Var or the Upper Var is a Special Administrative Region (Ataraxian: Région sous Administration Spéciale) in the northwest part of Ataraxia.


The Haut-Var is the most recent region to join the Federation of Ataraxia. While culturally similar to the rest of Ataraxia, sharing a language and religion, the Upper Var was an independent entity for much of the last 500 years.

In the Free Port era that saw the rise of Villefranche-sur-Var (now Ataraxia City), Landec and Portofranco (now Port Franqui) as major trading cities for merchants from nearby kingdoms and sailors from around the world, the Upper Var prospered as the independent Free State of the Upper-Var (Ataraxian: Etat-libre du Haut-Var). The Free State was a trading post and crossroads connecting the Axian Peninsula to the rest of Uletha by land, owing in part to Ginex's geographic position as a crossroads near 3 other countries.


The Upper Var is a semi-autonomous region of Ataraxia. Most decisions regarding day-to-day governance are made by the States-General (Ataraxian: Etats-généraux) that sits in Ginex.

The Upper Var coordinates with the North region in some subject areas, including transportation, and is included with North region demographics for most nationwide statistical purposes. One councilor of the North Regional Council has observer status in the States-General and one deputy of the States-General sits on the North Regional Council.

For Ataraxians, the most consequential aspect of Upper Var's autonomy is its independently-managed residential registration program. All persons living in the Upper Var must possess a permit, which is almost as difficult to obtain for Ataraxians as it is for foreigners. This is in part due to generous public benefits and high-paying job opportunities found in the SAR. A short cut to residency for some can be attendance at a post-secondary school in the region, resulting in admission rates to the Upper Var University system that are some of the most competitive in the country.

A contentious issue is the political status of the Upper Var. A 1995 referendum organized by the HV government resulted in a narrow margin of victory for those choosing federation over independence (50.5% to 49.5%). Opinion polls over the years have shown continued support for further autonomy or independence, but the central government in Ataraxia City maintains that this is against the constitution of the Federation of Ataraxia. The organization of an additional referendum remains an open question in the coming years.


Despite the restrictive residential registration program, the Upper Var has nonetheless been able to attract a substantial proportion of domestic and international migrants despite its small population.

The following table lists the largest agglomerations of the Haut-Var SAR.

Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan Areas of the Upper Var
Rank Central City Province Population (2015) Notes
1 Ginex Ginex 1,334,777
2 Bex 253,889
3 Steick 174,657
4 St. Avit 135,668
5 St. Michel 112,716
6 Colmeic 97,747
7 83,783
8 73,310
9 65,165
10 58,648


Provinces of the Upper Var
INSAX Code Province Name Prefecture Population (2015) Population (2010) Pop. growth (2010-2015) Area (km2) Pop. Density (inh/km2) Area (mi2) Pop. Density (inh/mi2) Notes
AX-88 Ginex Ginex 1,217,844 646 1,886 249 4,882
AX-89 Ginex-Est 358,469 3,298 109 1,274 281
AX-90 Ginex-Sud 381,086 5,570 68 2,152 177
AX-91 Ginex-Ouest 416,012 7,167 58 2,768 150
AX-92 Ginex-Nord 294,433 4,191 70 1,619 182
AX-93 Haut-Var Nord 138,466 5,050 27 1,951 71
AX-94 Haut-Var Nord-Est 159,371 3,412 47 1,318 121
AX-95 Haut-Var Est 210,505 3,851 55 1,487 142
AX-96 Haut-Var Sud-Est 98,482 4,310 23 1,665 59
AX-97 Haut-Var Sud 308,504 9,167 34 3,541 87
AX-98 Haut-Var Sud-Ouest 185,994 4,837 38 1,868 100
AX-HV Haut-Var SAR Ginex 3,769,166 51,498 73 19,892 189


The Upper Var has a strong, diversified economy. One of the largest industrial companies in the world is headquartered in suburban Ginex.

The Upper Var's autonomy in financial matters has allowed Ginex to become one of the largest "off-shore" financial centers in Ataraxia. As long as taxes are paid and minimal local rules followed, like opening a local office, origins of assets at Ginex banks are not heavily scrutinized nor reported to the national government and much business can be conducted anonymously.

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