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Ursic Countries is a group of North-West Ulethan democratic countries who have signed The Ursic Treaty in 1955. These countries include Bloregia, Brennland, Bärland, Eäßnordælånd, ́Läxland, Pohjoismaa, Rheim Maark, Sigalia, Vandern and Ulerolånd. They have open mutual borders with no regular passport checks or customs control. People are also allowed to live and work in another Ursic Country with no citizenship-specific restrictions. This also applies to non-ursic citizens: working permit in one country is valid in the whole area.

The Ursic Treaty (UT) was established in the aftermath of the Great War to prevent any future conflict in the area. Some Ursic Countries are also members of other initiatives with similar purpose, including The Vinnic Economic Community, Ursic Treaty Organisation and The Union of Northern Banking.


Ursic is the Adjective form of Ursus, the Romantian word for "Bear" and refers to the ancient Kingdom of Ursinia aka Bärien that ruled over the area between the great lakes in the present Ursic Country area. The remains of the Ursic culture is reflected in a number of names in the area, including Bear River and Bärland, as well as in the Bloregian national emblem.