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<< 6 December


Hello, now before we get on with the Bliki update, I have some housekeeping to take. Instead of replying on the previous bliki to your comments, I will reply here for you to read...makes my bliki worth coming back to maybe ;) Plus it feels like I can better gather my thoughts about what you all said and give a more purposeful response than saying "Thank you" to everybody separately and gives another thing for people to jump onto and comment on in the comments on this Bliki.

I think that there's a difficult balance to pull when doing Blikis/Blogs or anything showing progress of a project, between getting enough work done to show off, and wanting to put off showing your work until you complete a project 100%. I'm finding that the issue with my Planet Coaster projects too, in that I have something I am excited to show off to people, but I want to hold back until I complete the area fully. It means I take a month between updates. I am trying to un-teach myself this. What say you? Do you feel like sometimes you don't want to show off good work until the project is 100% complete?

I also did not take into account that doing the -- and 4 ~ in the comments would be helpful for people using non-US/UK Keyboards, but I'm happy it's making it easier for some people! I put it into the comments because it took me almost an entire year before I learnt that piece of code after somebody told me about it. So I'm making sure that people know that the code exists for commenting.

Now, I will do a few more bliki updates until I reflect on the change between bliki formats, and then I will get back to you, but so far it feels a lot better in that it feels less stressed, more organized, it feels cleaner for sure, and you don't need to just scroll down to see the progress on the interactive map of the previous bliki update, one issue of the Monthly-Bliki format that I found really stressful.

And to cap it off, thank you for actually commentating, and commentating on my mapping. I do not expect anybody to respond to these bliki posts, but it's always such a nice sentiment to reply since it gives me a bit more self-esteem in my work! Thank you!

Real Life Update

A very quick update on my situation in real life, off the computer. As you may not know, I have been searching for my first job after graduation, and have not been getting very far since starting in September. However, I have come as close as I ever could this Monday gone, as I had a job interview, my very first. Sadly I feel I wasn't for the position as it wasn't a field I was into, and kept bringing it back to Graphic Design. But, I feel none-the-less I have come out of it stronger with experience, knowledge of what to improve, and new friends I made with fellow candidates.

Commitment to Rockford

Loading map...

Now, welcome back to Rockford, and this is where I have been working since the previous Bliki update. I am really enjoying the change of style, in this little vacation away from Bengali/Spanish. I'm finding myself greatly enjoying mapping again for once, and it is making me consider more abandoning my current country and making a fully dedicated British one.

What can you see on the map, well it's so far out it's hard to see, but scroll in and you will see a greater detail of mapping than I have been doing with Tierajas-Verdes, including NAMED shop and amenity tags, named roads, all unique (enough), building names, house numbers, details of roofs and walls I would have never done! The joys of mapping something you know of already. Zoom into the three markers if you want to see the best I have been mapping, mainly to Rockford Arcade, which I am proud of how I styled.

I've took it upon myself to work on the docks of Rockford, or as it was previously known, Folsom Roads. Now Folsom Roads is a neighborhood of Rockford as I felt like a) it wasn't a good name in my books for a city, and b) Rockford would be the more reasonable place to put a large city.

The next project for me, I feel will be the new 60s Redevelopment area where the highway tunnel begins, and contains the city-hall. I imagine it was a 60s redevelopment because of the highway tunnel being built, so has a much more gridded format, which won't be replicated on the most part in the rest of Rockford.

<< 6 December


Comment right here! Respond to the replies to previous comments! Wish me luck job hunting for 2018! Again, should I abandon Tierajas-Verdes for a new country? Sign yourself off with a -- and 4 of these ~ --Aces California (talk) 19:11, 13 December 2017 (CET)

  • I'm sorry you've not had much luck with the job hunt. I know the feeling well, and I wish you luck. In Rockford, well, I cannot comment on the record since Mauretia and that cursed country Commonia don't have any relations. Off the record, the arcade and port are wonderful! I like what you did. Too bad it's in Commonia… I'd hate to see it wrecked somewhere along the way. Still, I really admire the port work. I've a bit of work to do on a passenger ferry system in Salda, so this helps give me another set of ideas. — Alessa (talk) 19:24, 13 December 2017 (CET)

You absolutely deserve to have more self-esteem about your work, you're doing amazing. Do not abandon Tierajas-Verdes, it would be a shame. Also, I really like this new style of the bliki. I think replying to comments one week later is an interesting idea to say the least, I feel like your work is really underrated so as long as it increases the readership, good for you. Good luck with job hunting too. --Eklas (talk) 22:39, 13 December 2017 (CET)

Your work in Rockford looks great but I think you shouldn't abandon Tierajas-Verdes. It is always sad when a well mapped place gets abandon and later erased. Do you thought about mapping two countries in the same time? Or if you want just a short brake with Tierajas-Verdes maybe you should try cooperation with other user (even unofficial, I think with your mapping skills almost no one will refuse you)? Also good luck with job searching. --Rüstem Paşa Discussion 22:57, 13 December 2017 (CET)

The Arcade here is great! Is it meant to a boat-shaped building, a la The Ark in London or The Whampoa in HK? I love buildings that mimic other things...good, fun kitsch. Best of luck with the job hunt. I'm in a similar boat (though a bit farther along in life)...just means more time for mapping! Take it while you can, I suppose. ;) LW (talk) 8:21, 20 December 2017 (CST)