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14, 17.1717, 61.8874
Chaangee Said
Chaangee Sa'ida
Metropolitan city
Sovereign StateLost country.png Tierajas-Verdes
 • CountryPavparvati
 • StateGoldils-Changhi
Ethnic Groups
Pavparvati (88%), Castellanese (8%), Other (4%)
NationalitiesPavparvati (85%), Verdese (10%), Castellanese (2%), Dartannian (2%), Other(1%)
 • TypeMayor-Council
 • BodyChaangee Said Municipal Corporation
 • Mayor
 • Pavparvati Parliament10 constituencies
 • Verdese Parliament6 constituencies
 • Total
 • Urban
 • Metro
 • Estimate (2015)909,000

Chaangee Said is the third largest city in Tierajas-Verdes, capital of the state Goldils-Changhi and largest city in the metropolitan area in the same name of Goldils-Changhi. Changee Said is situated at the point where the Shukri and Changori rivers meet and is at the foot of the Cathar Mountains towards the west of the city. The city as part of the Goldils-Changhi metropolitan area enjoys a diversified culture and demography and is one of the few places in Tierajas-Verdes to be connected directly to neighboring nations, with a high-speed rail connection to the northern nation of Dartannia connecting Hav City to Chaanghee Said, the first high-speed line to be set up in Tierajas-Verdes.


Chaangee Said, Chaangee Sa'ida in Pavparvati, derives from Changhi Sa'ida translated to Ingerish as "Changhi Sands" refers to the geographical location of the city, originally settled on the banks of the Changori River, originally called Changhi River.

Government and politics

Local government

Localized politics in Chaangee Said follow the Mayor-Council form of governance, with a mayor of Chaangee Said presiding over a City Council which oversees issues in city funding, planning, local courts and law, and public infrastructure to name a few. The local council body is entitled the Chaangee Said Municipal Corporation.

State government

Chaangee Said is the state-capital of the Goldils-Changhi state, covering most of the Goldils-Changhi Metropolitan Area making up around 2.2 million inhabitants. The state is overseen by a two-tier governance system which consists of a lower-house State Assembly, the Rajya Bidhanasabha and the upper-house Pamcaldarsa. Local elections across all districts of Goldils-Changhi decides the Rajya Bidhanasabha, while the Rajya Bidhanasabha decides the 6 members of the Pamcaldarsa.

Central government

Chaangee Said is covered and operated under two separate central governments, the Pavparvati and Verdese Governments. They determine various matters as relating to the entire nation, and as such oversees matters that neither the Chaangee Said Municipal Corporation or Mi'unisipala A'inasabha are responsible for.

Pavparvati government and Parliament

The electoral region of the Pavparvati Parliament covers Chaangee Said, Dwarikapur, and farmland to the connecting point of the Shukri and Changori Rivers. It elects 9 constituency members according to a first past the post election format. Members elected to the Pavparvati Parliament are known as Members of the Pavparvati Parliament. Currently, the 9 Pavparvati Parliament constituencies in the Chaangee Said electoral region are;

  • Kendriya Chaangee Said
  • Ista Chaangee Said
  • Dwarikapur
  • Pascima Drawikapur
  • Castellán Siti
  • Changori River
  • ___
  • ___
  • ___

Verdese government and Parliament

The current 6 Verdese Parliament constituencies representing Chaangee Said are;

  • Chaangee Said
  • Dwarikapur
  • Pascima Drawikapur
  • Changori River
  • Castellán Siti
  • ___