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13, 16.4052, 62.2551
Punto de Christopher
Kristophara Panto
Metropolitan city
Sovereign StateLost country.png Tierajas-Verdes
 • StatePunto de Chrsitopher TNC
Ethnic Groups
Pavparvati (88%), Castellanese (10%), Other (2%)
NationalitiesPavparvati (24%), Verdese (65%), Castellanese (8%), Other(3%)
 • TypeMayor-Council
 • BodyCMPdC
(Corporación Municipal de Punto de Christopher)
 • Mayor
 • Verdese Parliament12 constituencies
 • Total165.51 km2
 • Urban
 • Metro165.51 km2
 • Estimate (2015)1,122,00

Punto de Christopher (pv:Kristophara Panto) is the largest city, and the capital of Tierajas-Verdes, holding legislative branches and economic centers for the south of Tierajas-Verdes. The city has a population of approximately 1.1 million as of 2015, whilst the metropolitan region it is capital of, Punto de Christopher TNC, has a population of approximately 1.9 million. It is the second most populous city in Tierajas-Verdes. The city lays on the banks of the Ocevei river at the mouth exiting into the Asperic Ocean.


Colony of Norte Baldoria

Punto de Christopher held importance as being the historical capital of the colony Norte Baldoria, colony of the Castellán Empire.

Originally named the Colonia de Bhyalenja (in:Bhyalenja Colony), the settlement was one of those amalgamated in 1451 with the assistance of the Castellán colony and southern neighbour Baldoria into a larger colony of Norte Baldoria. The capital of Norte Baldoria was moved from what is now known as Solosancho where the original Castellán settlers landed, to the larger populated settlement of Colonia de Bhyalenja. The original Puerto de Christopher was opened for trade with other colonial nations and Castellán located directly south of Colonia de Bhyalenja, growing the city further.

As the city grew out and further up the Ocevei river, the largely natural island of Tinati Ta'oyarsa was conceived over a span of 200 years, with the first fort being established circa 1470 to the south of the island, and the second being established circa 1650 to watch over the river coming down into the city, watching for invasions from the north.

At some point around 1888 when Tierajas-Verdes claimed independence from Castellán, the name of the city was changed from Colonia de Bhyalenja to Punto de Christopher, with the original Colonia de Bhyalenja changing name to the Pavparvati name of Bhyalenja Kaloni. The change from Puerto (in:Port) to (in:Point) is theorized to be from a misunderstanding of the Castellán language by Pavparvati speaking law-makers.

Grand Verdese War

Punto de Christopher is debated to be one of the flash-points of the start of the Grand Verdese War, as the military coup d'état that took place by General Nirav Kulkarni against the parliament of President Rameshwar Vives. From 1983 to 1987 when the guerrilla war turned into a conventional war, General Kulkarni demonstrated signs of a dictatorial leader by building a large tower in central Punto de Christopher popularly named La Hermana Alta (in:The High Sister) which became the new presidential residence, while plans for a smaller tower called La Hermana Baja (in:The Low Sister) were scrapped after 1987. The popular park in central Punto de Christopher, Parca Mhasalkar, located in front of La Hermana Alta, was also created during construction of La Hermana Alta.

After the Grand Verdese War, La Hermana Alta still stood, but did not hold the president's residences any more, now hosting a museum, business, and assorted government offices.

El Segundo Milenio

The Millennium and Reconstruction Bill passed in 2000, generally introduced to rebuild destroyed infrastructure after the Grand Verdese War, included plans to rebuild damaged sections of Punto de Christopher, although damage in the city was minimal compared to Pavparvati cities like Parirakbe. Plans to reconstruct Punto de Christopher for the new millennium wasn't as comprehensive as plans for Pavparvati nations as a result, and lead to the growth of population in Pavparvati cities like Parirakbe and Chaangee Said, bringing their populations closer to the population of Punto de Christopher.

Bimu and a new larger port now called Nuevo Puerto de Boca were the main focus on reconstruction of Punto de Christopher to allow the economy to grow again in the city, offering a economic, banking, and international trade center for the capital.

Hosting the Expomondiale was first visualized in 2002, as part of plans to introduce international trade and relations again after the Grand Verdese War, and the event was hosted finally in 2005/6 with Expomondiale '06 in land formerly used by a steel mill, and farms between Tiufsi'te and Mutibausai.


- Capital of Tierajas-Verdes
- State capital of Punto de Christopher TCN
- Territorio de la Capital Nacional
- General history relating to politics and governance

Local government

- Has a Mayor-Council style governance
- Governing body is the CMPdC (Coporación Municipal de Punto de Christopher)
- Responsibilities of Governance

State government

- State capital of Punto de Christopher TCN
- Territorio de la Capital Nacional

Central government

- Holds Lower and Upper Legislative houses
- Consejo de la Sabíduria (Council of Wisdom)
- Castillo de les Communes (Castle of the Commons)
- Holds two presidential palaces, former palace La Hermana Alta, and current residence on Tinati Ta'oyarsa, Nueva Casa del Bosque
- 12 Constituencies in Verdese Parliament

Diplomatic missions

- Embassies made home in district of Tiemca

2014 Presidential election

- Can I offer political seats yet?

Administrative divisions

- Administrative subdivision/districts


- 2 thermal power stations, Mutibausai and NEOI Thermal Power Stations
- Mutibausai Therman Power Station ~400-500MWe, serving south of Punto de Christopher, Edipa'oku, and Cifedhia
- NEOI Thermal Power Station ~1000-1100MWe, serving north of Punto de Christopher, Tresa Arroyesa


- Punto de Christopher Castellán University is the largest university in the city


- Military bases including Alcoira Fusileras, FNV, EV, and BAV


- State capital of Punto de Christopher TNC
- Tierajas-Verdes on the banks of the mouth of the Ocevei river (Pavparvati:Oshebi)
- Historic national island of Tinati Ta'oyarsa contains main mosque of Tierajas-Verdes, 2 Castellánese forts, untouched forests, and the Presidential Residences


- Nueva Regencia
- Tiemca
- Bimu
- Bhtalenja Kaloni
- Tinati Ta'oyarsa
- Muelles Antiguos
- Nuevo Puerto de Boca
- Tiufsi'te
- A'ipho
- Universidad Castellán
- Nuevo Este Ocevei Industrial (NEOI)
- Filarojas y Purarida
- Cruce de Arranque


- Ethnic Groups(2014) Pavparvati (88%), Castellanese (10%), Other (2%)
- Nationalities Pavparvati (24%), Verdese (65%), Castellanese (8%), Other(3%)
- Demonym = Christophian
- Population of approximately 1.12 million (2015)


- Bimu is one of the economic and banking centers of Tierajas-Verdes
- Old port, Muelles Antiguos, and new port, Nuevo Porto de Boca, located opposite each other in the mouth of the Ocevei river


- Central Punto de Christopher serviced by 2 stations, Estacion Punto de Christopher-Bimu, and unnamed 2nd
- Stations are connected by an elevated light-rail route only stopping at both stations
- Tierajas-Verdes on the banks of the mouth of the Ocevei river (Pavparvati:Oshebi)
- Ferry services to Castellán and Onnutu, serviced by Castellánese and Onnutu ferries
- Servicing airport is Punto de Christopher Shri Korrapati Airport, although located at Villaflor


- Two cricket teams in Tierajas-Verdes, Titans and Presidents
- Titans won 3 times, runner up 2 times
- A'ipho Rowing Lake