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Getting into rails and blikis

Very first beginnings

Well, hello for beginning. I'm OGF user for 2 years, I think (maybe even more?), and I really enjoy mapping and this community. In that period my skills and sense for mapping have really evolved and in my opinion it's kinda acceptable now although there's still plenty of job to do there, so I decided to start my very own bliki. Actually, I wanted to begin with it two or three times before, but unfortunately I'm kinda lazy and fickle person. So here I go.

What do I map

Almost whole my time on OGF I've been mapping a country named Mallyore (in Mallyorian aka. Croatian Maliorija). It's an archipelago consisted of three bigger and several smaller islands located between Akinyaka and Gobrassanya. I live in Croatia [1] (southern Europe) and I kinda feel Mallyore being a some weird version of coastal Croatia from parallel universe. I endeavor to map in European and Mediterranean style, although it's not specific for that region of OGF world. Currently, I'm mapping a city named Marian (Mallyorian: Marijan) and this bliki is going to be dedicated to it. Out of my past works, Parka [2] could be considered as something interesting to see.

Me acquainting the railway world

Since my birth (a period of 17 years) I've been interested in maps and mapping, especially transport and similar stuff. I don't know why and how, but rails were the only type of transport I didn't pay attention on. They simply didn't interest me until last few months when I started to study them more and more. In the first plans, Mallyore as a small island nation, didn't have any railways. Later, I decided to add a railway line between Nikkeltown and Marian, first and second biggest city located on the biggest island, Rikata. In the moment, I'm mapping Marian so I made main railway station for that city. Here it goes:

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It's the first railway station I mapped (except few unfinished fails in Nikkeltown made 2 years ago). It's not very big because whole island and country have only this one line connecting Marian with Nikkeltown so I think there's no need for more platforms, rails and bigger station. The station and rail are constructed in 1960s so it's not located close to the city centre. All the rails finish in the station except one branch which continues to the port (to be built). I also made a tram terminus connecting station with the rest of the city.

Marian: Then and now

The expansion of Marian through the time: A - built before 1800, B - built 1800-1830, C - built 1830-1850, D - built 1850-civil war (1880), E - built 1880-1950, F - built after 1950, X - location of railway station
I'll tell you the very brief history of this city to understand it's nowadays situation. Marian was nation's capital since its beginnings (15th century). Sixteenth and seventeenth century were also known as a golden age for Marian. It was political, cultural and trade center of country. It's important to notice that this whole period, extented to today, there was a huge rivalry between Marian and Nikkeltown. In 1870s, civil war happened (traditionalists loyal to king and royal dinasty vs. democrats which wanted a democratic republic). Marian, as a seat of the king, became a traditionalists' stronghold while Nikkeltown was democrats'. The year of 1879 was a final year of a war: democrats entered in Marian, a huge parts of city were destroyed and burnt down, king Dominik II was dethronised and democratic republic was established. Although at that moment Marian was twice larger than Nikkeltown, Nikkeltown is chosen to be a new capital. New government buildings were built in Nikkeltown and Marian was neglected and derelict. Due to centralization of country, Nikkeltown grew up much faster and all the focus was on it. Lot of people emigrated to the capital. In 1970s, it surpassed Marian in the number of inhabitants, but in last few decades things started to change. Decentralization helped to improve Marian's status and it feels it's again equal to the capital. Today, Marian is considered as cultural center of country while Nikkeltown is political and financial center.

What have I built

Just a few years before the civil war, king Dominik decided to build a huge, monumental royal opera (Kraljevska opera). It was very expensive and not recommended, but it was built in very short time. In that time, that part of city was almost uninhabited, just a vast, spacious plain which had to be filled with buildings. Thanks to the very flat terrain, Marian was built in a regular grid with very few exceptions. Only the oldest and the newest parts of the town are organic and out of a grid. Opera Square (Operni trg) is an important meeting place with a fountain, shooping sites and museums. A majority of this buildings were built in period between 1850 and 1880, but due to the civil war a lot of them was damaged and demolished so there are also some renovated and new buildings. This neigborhood is also one of the best for the nightlife and cultural uplift (does this termin exist in English?).

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Comments are very appriciated

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First of all, welcome to the Club of People Who Started a Bliki! (Don't get too excited, it's not a real thing.) I post a new entry every Monday, so I guess I'm the most active and it's very relevant for me to comment on your first post right here.

And secondly, wow, congratulations, Marian - the city and the station - looks nice! Considering that (as you've said) you have little to no experience with drawing railway stations, this one looks pretty good. Keep up the mapping and the Bliki of course! --Eklas (talk) 22:30, 21 October 2017 (CEST)

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