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I probably won't post here much but I'll try my best


28 Feburary 2018


A lot has changed since my last bliki. I finally settled on my plans for the country and laid out the general history. Feeling that "Port Macquarie" didn't fit in I moved it somewhere else along the coastline. I also have added a large peninsula and islands along the coastline which I am quite happy with.

I have been working on Keller Island and I am super happy with the result! The main town, Kingston was first marked by a large castle which can still be seen today and offers tours and a bit of local history. The town's economy mainly comes from tourism, fishing and the agricultural region, 'The Turner Flats'. Situated north a bit is the Cape Forby National Park. A large wetland region is home to numbers of aquatic and bird species which has made the national park a very popular tourist destination.

Next I plan on further detailing settlements and land cover on the island.

Thats all for today!

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16 January 2018


For the past few days, I have been working mainly on the south-east coastline. I previously mapped my capital but felt that A) The mapping was quite unplanned B) Maybe I should wait a while before mapping the capital C) Mapping large cities is quite boring for me. So I removed the work and instead I moved down to the coastline and began to map a coastal port town called Port Macquarie. The natural features such as the two large lakes and beaches are coming along quite nicely. I also added the road basics and rivers. My favourite part is Lake Orion because I quite like how the shape turned out.

That's all for today!

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