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Football is the favorite sport of the rugenians. (TBD)

There are six professional clubs playing in several levels of the national championship.

Name City Colours Founded Ground Capacity Last Season Notes
Club Balompié Rugénia Rugenia, RG Dark Blue/ Yellow/ Black 1957 Estádio xx (map) 35.000 1º or 2º place (First level National League) (champion so much times)
FC Sanlúcar Rugenia, RG Garnet/ White/ Green 1970 Estádio xx (map) 20.000 (Second level National League)
Club Deportivo Satélite Rugenia, RG Blue/ Yellow 1968 Estádio xx (map) 19.500 (Second level National League)
Sportvereinigung (SV) Germania Rugen Rugenia, RG Black/ Green 1957 Estádio de La Figuera (map) 20.000 (Third level National League) Club of the germanic community
Club Deportivo Paglobes Rugenia, RG Dark Blue/ Gold 1980 Estádio xx (map) 7.800 (Fourth level National League)
Fútbol Club Rosalia Preciosa, RG Red/ White/ Dark Blue 1975 Estádio xx (map) 6.700 (Fourth level National League)