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Dennison City SC logo.png

Dennison City SC is a professional soccer (football) franchise based in Redonda, Sierra. DCSC was founded in 2007 and is the newest of the "big five" sports team in the Dennison-Redonda area.

DCSC plays its home games at Chew Toy Depot Park. Prior to that, it played at the old Riverside Stadium from 2007 until it was torn down in 2009. Almost immediately there were discussions of a soccer-specific stadium for the team, as the Dennison Wranglers were getting a new stadium. Eventually part of the 2009 season was played at Russell Field (University of Sierra Dennison) and then at the new Riverside Stadium. In 2010 a proposal to build a stadium in Redonda became the frontrunner proposition. Various issues prevented it being built quickly, but was completed in 2014, and opened as Meadowbrook Park.

Sierra Rangers logo.png

The Sierra Rangers is a professional ice hockey team based in Dennison, Sierra. The Rangers were an expansion team in Archantan Hockey Federation, founded in 1996. They play their home games at the NBA Center, in the Riverside Sports Complex across from Montana Stadium. The Rangers have only one a single AFH championship, in 2002.

The Rangers are named after the 19th century rangers of Sierra, who served as police and were known for their golden star badges. Their first two and a half seasons were spent playing at Lions Field House at the University of Dennison, until the opening of NBA Center in December 1998.

One of their most famous players was John Hubner (1972-), who was one of their first players when founded, and was a key enforcer/defender right up to his retirement in 2008 due to injury.

Dennison Wranglers logo and text.png

The Dennison Wranglers are a professional Archantan football (gridiron) franchise based in Dennison, Sierra. The Wranglers have been present in Sierra since 1975 when a franchise was moved to Dennison.

The Wranglers were first based at Municipal Stadium in Redonda (1975), and spend the 1976 and 1977 seasons playing at Russell Field (University of Sierra Dennison). From 1976 to 1978 Riverside Stadium was built and it would host the team for over 30 years. From 2009 they play at the new Riverside Stadium (now Montana Riverside Stadium), now facing north to south.

File:Wranglers uniforms 2019.png

Dennison Bombers logo.png

The Dennison Bombers are an Archantan professional basketball team based in Dennison, Sierra. It is the oldest professional sports team in the state, founded in 1955. It was a founding member of the Westerb Basketball League until it was merged into the national league in 1961. The Bombers were named after the presence of Air Force bombers at Barclay Air Force Base and Dennison Field. The Bombers have won several national titles and are the most successful sports team in the city, best known for golden era in the 1980s and in the mid-2000s.

They play their home games at the NBA Center, in the Riverside Sports Complex across from Montana Stadium.

One of their early stars was Sy (Sybil) Hunt (1955-2019), a point guard who played with the team for the majority of his professional career, when first entering the league in 1974 to leaving in 1987. Another more recent star was Jonas Freier (1982-); known as the Big Mergan (coming from the north of that country), he has played his entire career with with the Bombers after being traded for after his first professional season in 2003.

Sierrans logo
Dennison Sierrans text logo.png

The Dennison Sierrans are an Archantan professional baseball team based in Dennison, Sierra. The Sierrans franchise dates to 1984, when awarded to Dennison. Many of the first players and management came from the second-tier Dennison Rangers; this team was known as the Sierrans until 1971, originally founded in 1942. The Sierrans won two conference titles, but have been unable to win the national title. Since the early 2000s, the team's performance has somwhat improved.

Their home ground is flySmart Field, which was built in 1979 for the Rangers and was one of the largest stadiums not used by a national league team at the time.


Northwest Athletic Conference

NWA Conference logo.png

The Northwest Athletic Conference (NWA) is a top-level collegiate athletic conference in the Federal States. Member universities compete in a variety of sports, and all come from the western and northern F.S. states. Founded in 1969, the NWA comprises a mix of public and private universities which are key research universities in the western FSA. It was founded in order to coordinate and bring together the various athletic sports and competitions organized and including the member universities, and to provide greater collaboration and friendly competition. They are headquartered at Mountain View Drive in Unita, Sierra.


The NWA Conference was founded in April of 1969, when four universities joined together to establish a northern and western-FSA based athletics conference. They founded the conference in Lola, Sierra, hosted by USL's sporting directors, which were backed by the university presidency for its creation.

Member schools

Institution Location Founded Joined Enrollment Type Nickname Colors
University of Sierra, Lola Lola, Sierra 1872 Founder TBD Public USL Rangers          
University of Dennison Dennison, Sierra 1876 1990s TBD Public UD Lions          
  • (founding member)

Sports grounds

School Football
Capacity Basketball
Capacity Baseball
Capacity Hockey
USL Rangers Frederick Field TBD Jerry Lord Arena TBD NAME TBD Jerry Lord Arena TBD