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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Hello from the wonderful Verona, Italy!

So, welcome back to my bliki. It's the summer holiday season and I won't really have time for mapping until September. I'm traveling a lot, I have a summer job, I finally plan to drill the (cast concrete) walls in my room and hang curtains and pictures, I also want some more plants and just general household items... but I'm still going to visit OGF sometimes, to catch up with the news and everything, and I also hope to come up with some new ideas for Drabantia.

During my recent vacation in northern Italy, I saw so many beautiful places. Beautiful small towns at the shore of Lago di Garda, the lush Adige river valley with endless apple tree orchards, miles and miles of vineyeards. The food was also amazing, obviously. Overall, I had a really great time! Then on the way back, there were the breathtaking views from the highway bridges in the Brennerpass, and the vast wheat fields and hop gardens in Bavaria, and finally my home country, and it was all so wonderful, and I guess I'm just having some sort of a weird artistic shake, but I just can't help but see beauty in things.

And it's getting kind of overwhelming because, for example, my computer background is a picture of Ostrava, which, aside from being my second hometown, is a heavily industrialized city with a history of coal mining, steel mills and other form of heavy industry and extreme pollution also, yet I've just caught myself staring at the coke plants in the photo and think they're kind of romantic! I don't know what's happening, I'm kind of freaking out, I mean it's kind of pleasant but we're so used to dislike and be skeptical about everything here in the CR

you're an illustrator, george

I guess what I'm slowly starting to realize is that all landscapes are beautiful. I've always been trying to make Drabantia be the best version of what I saw around me, but that's just not possible. Especially the southwestern bit, it's been causing me headaches for a long time - see left. But now I started thinking that the lake might not be a problem after all, like when mapped nicely, it will just make another specific kind of wonderful, and isn't that what OGF is kind of about?

Drabantia got vandalized!

So, a new user decided to make their first edit in my country. They added more tags to the highway D3, only the lane from Odrava to Volbrod. That's all they did. Like I'm not even mad. Is it weird? Yeah, I did have to revert the changeset, because they thought the highway has a 80kmph speed limit (?), but isn't it amazing that people notice my country on the world map? I guess users such as bhj, who get misplaced edits in their territories all the time, have different opinions about it, but for me, it was a signal, 'you did it George. Your country is relevant now' or whatever.

That's the news for today folks. See you again next Monday!

Oh also, have this wonderful song/poetry by Mary Lambert.

Monday bliki by Eklas

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