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All good things come to an end.

The bliki has been my company for 19 months of tumultuous adolescent life. It's been fun, it's been helpful, it's been a hot mess of raging hormones, it's been like a blog from the early 2010s, it's been everything.

But it's time to move on. Over time, writing these posts has become too much of a routine task for me. I've ran out of topics to discuss, I have plenty of other writing assignments and I'm questioning my writing skills anyway. Don't be blue...

The dawn of OGF

Let me make it clear: I'm not quitting geofiction, absolutely not. I don't have much time now and I don't have any exciting big projects planned, but it's something I'm still very passionate about.

Though things here have changed as well.

I'm noticing some decadent vibes. It felt different here in 2016, and I'm sure it must have felt a different kind of different in 2014. People come and go, there's a new generation of mappers now, who I sometimes can't relate to (hi, arissuaq!) and many of the most prominent mappers from way back then have left since.

Or maybe it's the same. Maybe I've changed. I've certainly changed, turning 18 on Friday.

Stop crying, stop crawling

However, I write sins, not tragedies. Stop the melancholia, don't be sad that it's over, smile because it happened.

Loading map...

Drabantia flag.png View on map

Vaberec is finished

I've been mapping the northeast of my country since the beginning of September, and I'm pleased to announce it's officially somewhat done.

Aside of all the interesting locations described in previous posts, the Vaberec region also possesses a significant geographical record: the northernmost point of the country at 56.01° N. Okay, yes, it's not that significant, but the locals are kind of proud of it. They don't really have anything else to be proud of. Let them have it.

(Speaking of latitudes, I've always thought my country is too far north and too far inland. Huh, I guess things will just never be perfect.)

Easter eggs

Secondary roads in the Vaberec region are numbered 380 - 383 and 393 - 419. Well, almost. There is one road number you won't see, and that's number 404. Get it? Like error 404, couldn't open page? Haha, yes, I love humor. Well, actually, number 399 is absent as well. No reference there, I just didn't know where to place it.

Both the municipality with the shortest and the longest name in Drabantia are located in the Vaberec region. The first one is Úž (the name means a narrow place) and the other is Nová Ves u Nového Města nad Bylávkou (new village by the new town upon Bylávka, Bylávka is the name of a river) with 30 characters (35 including spaces.) Not the longest in the world, but still takes 3 seconds to pronounce.

What next

Life goes on... and on and on and on. I guess I will take a quick break and then decide.

I have ideas. I guess I would like to draw more of Odrava... perhaps change a few things about the administrative divisions... draw more of Drabantian Egalia... these ambitions are all nice, but then again, the future is all beautiful unknown. I don't know what's ahead of me and where the road takes me next (take me home, country road!!)

Pop quiz!

That was a lot of serious talking! Time to switch it up with some fun Drabantia trivia. How much do you remember about the country? Answer honestly and don't cheat and look up the answers!

Question 1. What year was the Republic of Drabantia formed?

a) 1915.
b) 1946.
c) 1721.

2. Okay, but when did it first appear on the OGF map?

a) June 30th, 2016.
b) July 5th, 2016.
c) April 24th, 2016.

3. What is Drabantia's capital and largest city?

a) Odrava.
b) Krále Hora.
c) Dolny Hodonicy.

4. It wasn't the first city on the map, though.

a) Right. That would be Drahany.
b) Oh sure. The first city was today's Třesno.
c) I don't know. All I did in 2016 was listen to Lana del Rey and cry.

5. If it's 7:35 PM CET in Prague, what time is it in Drabantia?

a) 11:35 PM.
b) 0:05 AM the next day.
c) Time to expand the railway network.

6. What do the colors on the flag stand for?

a) White for the cloudy sky, green for the pine forest and blue for the lake.
b) White for purity, green for life, blue for prosperity.
c) White for unbearably cold, snowy winters, green for the abhorrent traditional herb liquor, blue for the total 12 days in summer when you can see sunshine.

7. How many seats are in the Chamber of Deputies of the Drabantian Parliament?

a) 81.
b) 160.
c) Too many.

8. Which of the following isn't the name of an actual railway station in Drabantia?

a) Nová Ves u Nového Města nad Bylávkou zastávka.
b) Úž.
c) Odrava-Staré Město.

9. What brings thousands of visitors to Hustomyšl each year?

a) Avant-garde jazz music.
b) Ski resorts.
c) An endangered bug species.

10. What is made in JAS?

a) Cars.
b) Various machinery.
c) Mistakes.

11. Obligatory Drag Race reference. What is the name of Drabantia's most popular drag queen?

a) Grace d' Vain.
b) Maggie Bust.
c) lord jesus both of these names are atrocious

12. Which coffee brand is the best and better than stinky Empire Coffe I hope you have to file for bankruptcy soon

a) Verona Coffee.
b) Verona Coffee.
c) Use code NAROZENINY to get with extra whipped cream for free on any coffee.

Correct answers

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
a b a b b, c a, b b c a b a, c all


0 - 3 correct answers: Yikes.

4 - 6 correct answers: Okay, solid. You probably just randomly stumbled upon this post and decided to keep reading. Cool.

7 - 9 correct answers: You're doing amazing, sweetie. Well, not A+ amazing, but still okay.

10 - 12 correct answers: Your knowledge about Drabantia is impressive. Congratulations! Tell your friends and family about it, because other than that it's completely worthless.

13 or more correct answers: Suspicious: there were only 12 questions.

The final word

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and reading my bliki. It's been nice.

Maybe one day there will be a second coming of the bliki. Maybe one day I wake up in a really inspired mood and start writing for fun again. The sun will shine, there won't be anything negative on my mind, I'll have a nice cup of tea and pick up right where I left off. Maybe.

But until then,
yours truly
Eklas (talk) 18:19, 18 November 2018 (CET).

Monday bliki by Eklas

Comments are v welcome

and so we disconnect,
the room goes quiet around us
it's called the life effect
will it always surround us?

I was going to wish you well and best of luck until I saw that "stinky Empire Coffe" [sic] crack. We begin the bombing raids at dawn. — ParAvion (talk) 20:41, 18 November 2018 (CET)

As someone who also ended his bliki, I am sympathetic - even if I ended mine for different reasons. Your evaluation of the mood on OGF as "decadent" resonates - I feel that too. The "community" aspect of OGF is certainly often quite disappointing when not downright depressing. Speaking from my own position as an old-timer (and semi-retired admin) perhaps I'm contributing to the "decadence" rather than solving it, who knows? Anyway, best of luck. Your contributions have been valuable, even if - for me - they are often in the vein of "well, not quite the way I would do it." Happy mapping.--Luciano (talk) 20:56, 18 November 2018 (CET)

I don't know the answers (NVM I got 8/12) but I assume I didn't due to bad like maybe a 7. Your Bliki will be missed, and t did inspre me to have a go at it, maybe i'll pick it up again this winter/thanksgiving break as ill have hours can dedicate to mapping--Portopolis (talk) 21:04, 18 November 2018 (CET)

It's always 00:05 somewhere. (cf a bliki entry from last year). FictiveJ (talk) 21:32, 18 November 2018 (CET)

It's sad that there will be no more your Bliki but in fact I expected that sooner or later. I only didn't know when it will happen. You raised the Bliki to the level of art and tried to preserve the craftsmanlike shedule. As a person who tried proffesional writing I can say it's always destined to fail but I'm nearly sure you will be returning to the Bliki when You get the inspiration. I don't want to talk about OGF community here because I never considered myself as a true part of it and all my attempts just went wrong. Maybe it's because of my style of work, maybe my character, maybe something with the community itself... I don't want to judge so I can only wish You happy adult life. --Rüstem Paşa Discussion 21:43, 18 November 2018 (CET)

What do I have to say? I think you've done a wonderful job of creating this bliki. You really did. I am proof, because I kept reading despite the fact that I usually ignore other people's blikis as well as my own. Keep on the good work with mapping in Drabantia and thanks for the nice lecture. By the way, I agree, schedules are a bitch when you try to keep up with them for a long time without any interruptions. Welp, shame that this is the end. --Trabantemnaksiezyc (talk) 15:30, 19 November 2018 (CET)

Thanks to all of you who have commented. It's been an honor to inspire you. I wish you good luck both in real life and in geofiction. --Eklas (talk) 21:56, 19 November 2018 (CET)

This is a sad momentus occasion, the last bastion of this era. I am still knocking around, I too have just lost interest in showing off my work. Good luck with all your future plans, and mapping of everything (I see you're now in the exclusive multi-nation club :P) Eh, maybe this is what pushes me to be more social with the community! --Aces California (talk) 15:36, 1 May 2020 (CEST)

Aces, this is a post from 2018, the edit was preparation for a new one, look at the edit log :P --Trabantemnaksiezyc (talk) 17:23, 1 May 2020 (CEST)
Oh derp, shows you how much I have been active in this community at least! xD Then I offer you a welcome back Eklas! --Aces California (talk) 22:28, 1 May 2020 (CEST)