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The main intention of the Spring Cleanup challenge is to get rid of unnecessary stuff on the wiki and organize the rest - just like you would do at home or in your garden during a spring cleanup. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Managing your contributions

The easiest way to participate is to look at pages you have created and the files you have uploaded and decide whether they're necessary or not. Everyone can do this on their own by reviewing their wiki contributions - a special page that lists all wiki edits ever made by a specific user, including uploaded files. You might be surprised by all the dead pages and unused files you have created over the years and forgot about. Mark items ready to be deleted with {{Please delete|delete=yes|reason=any value (e.g. obsolete, overwikification, lost country)}}.

How do you decide which pages to keep and which to let go? To me, the most important parameter would be is it on the map? and is it good quality? In other words, if it's pages with only a few sentences, or pages describing places that are not drawn in detail on the OGF map, or redirects, or images that are obsolete or no longer necessary, they can all go away.

Creating and managing categories

The second goal would be to organize the existing pages into categories. Categories are used for sorting pages based on common characteristics. Ideally, you should be able to access everything in the wiki through the root category, which lists subcategories, which contain subcategories of said subcategories etc., similar to directories and folders on the hard drive, or the branches of a tree. However, there are currently plenty of pages and a majority of files in no category.

  • The bottom line is to create a category which contains all articles and files concerning a single country. You can do that by pasting [[Category:name of the country]] at the bottom of any page. Once the pages are saved, a link with the category name appears at the bottom, which will take you to the category page. When first opening (creating) the category page, paste [[Category:Countries]], which will make the category appear in the category containing all similar categories for other countries and [[Category:Countries in continent_your_country_is_in]]. Then click save.
  • Pages for cities are grouped by continent. Use [[Category:Cities in continent_the_city_is_located_in]] and the previously created [[Category:name of the country]].

For more experienced users, the task of categorizing goes way further. Everyone is encouraged to go through their contribution list and add their pages to existing categories or create new ones, keeping in mind these useful tips:

  • Category names should generally use US spelling and only the first letter should be capitalized with the exception of names. They should be written in plural with the rare exception of some abstract terms (e.g. culture, economy, science). The preposition in is usually used to describe location. Look at naming conventions used on Wikipedia when unsure.
Example: Media Company of Drabantia, Capital City, districts in west Commonia Media companies in Drabantia, Capital cities, Districts in West Commonia
Some existing categories don't follow these rules.
  • Categories should be categorized as well. For example, Cities in Demacia belongs into Demacia and Cities by country. Lakes in Uletha belong in Lakes belong in Geography.
Entries in categories are sorted alphabetically. In categories such as Cities by country, it is convenient to organize pages by the country instead. For example, using [[Category:Cities by country|Demacia]] on Cities in Demacia will make it appear in the parent category under the letter D.
  • Use existing categories when possible. The OGF wiki has about 5,700 pages and doesn't need to be organized as meticulously as Wikipedia - not everything has to be sorted by countries and continents. The current system is extensive enough.
  • When adding categories and marking for deletion, tag your edits as minor.

Below is a basic proposal of the category system for reference.

Category structure proposal

This is an overview of the most important categories and their hierarchy.


Pages describing physical things that can be seen on the map (countries, nature, places, buildings, infrastructure)

Category:Economy and industry

Pages describing mostly abstract things that can be seen on the map (companies, businesses)


Pages describing things that usually can't be seen on the map (people, culture)

Category:OGF:Meta categories

Templates, tutorials, illustrations, user pages and files.