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Hello everyone to Bliki entry number 3!!!! Whoop whoop!

You'll remember that I had done some major redos of certain areas in my last bliki --> User:Ernestpcosby/Bliki/2017/05/17 <--

Some of those places are still in progress but I've made larger steps in other areas of the city to slowly start generating new neighborhood styles and to prepare for even more overhauls.

Huxtable Towne Center area

This is an area that I'm actually really proud of so far. After looking at my overhaul of the Freedemia Square Plaza mall in downtown and Pedestrian City, I decided to do Huxtable Towne Center over. The bad news is this required me to redo the entire area. XD The good news- the result was, in my opinion, one of the best areas I've ever mapped. I still have a lot more to do in the area, but this is the part of town that I hope to model the rest of my areas after in Quentinsburgh.

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Greencreek Square (Stanley) Shopping Center area, Tortoise Point Mall area

The success of the Huxtable Towne Center overhaul made me decide to go ahead and start the overhaul of other mall-centered shopping districts. I went ahead and redid Stanley Shopping Center (now Greencreek Square Shopping Center) and started the overhaul of the Greencreek community:

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And started trying to do the same for the Tortoise Point area.

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Obviously, both those areas are very unfinished. But I decided since fixing the malls opened up more space and started to shape the surrounding neighborhoods, that I'd start with improving the malls and retail themselves.

Transit Center Improvements

You'll notice the fixes to several area transit centers:

Huxtable Towne Center Transit Center

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Bond/Hayes Transit Center

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Emmerly/Capitol/Quentinsburgh Transit Center

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Tortoise Point Transit Center

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Airport Station Transit Center (not much change)

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There are two more planned but not mapped yet,

Hinespoint Center Transit Center, to be located by the Hinespoint Center Mall (needs to be remapped)

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And the Hesperic/Tortoise Ridge Transit Center, to be at the corner-ish of Hesperic and Tortoise Ridge:

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(To clarify, these aren't the only transit centers- there will be others in each suburb, and there are even a few others already throughout the city. But these are the ones I've been working on lately in major neighborhoods in Quentinsburgh.)

Fixing U-4

I haven't gotten to fixing all the exits yet, but I did go ahead and finish redrawing U-4 through Quentinsburgh (and even up to Fort Elwood). I added the express lanes I had been juggling in my head for a long time, and ixed a lot of badly mapped curves. Here's an example of one of the fixed areas.

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I also went ahead and redrew U-204 and the remaining unfixed portion of U-104, minus the exits. I figure the streets are bound to change as I fix them so I didn't worry too much about the exits yet.

I also changed the labels for toll highways from being capitalized like "TOLL U-104" to looking like "Toll U-104". It makes the map look a lot cleaner in my opinion.


I've also started doing a couple things like fixing some area hospitals and slowly starting on area schools. At some point I need to figure out how to map urgent care facilities, as Freedemia is supposed to have an abundance to keep people from misusing the emergency rooms. Every hospital has an urgent care as well as an emergency department, and there will be many other medical offices and urgent cares and such throughout the city.

City Limits!!!!

Oh yeah!!! I started drawing some city limits for the cities. It's amazing how much better you can visualize a city when you know where its borders are.

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A lot more borders need to be drawn, but it's a start.

Comments welcome below this line