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In 1972, then Quentinsburgh mayor ??? and the city council narrowly voted to open up most major pedestrian streets in Downtown Quentinsburgh to car traffic.

Within the week that this plan was active (starting August 4th, 1972), Traffic became worse, collisions increased, and business at local areas in downtown decreased dramatically. On August 9th, 1972, protesting citizens shut down James Street (one of the largest throrofares through downtown) in protest of the loss of pedestrian space in downtown. Local polling showed that almost everyone, including business owners, consumers, downtown residents, bus and trolley riders, commuters, and many drivers, were completely opposed to the plan and there was a near unanimous call for the reversal. On August 10th, in an attempt to compromise, the speed limit on the pedestrian streets was lowered to 10 miles per hour as an attempt to compromise, but outrage continued to grow and smaller protests continued. On August 12th, 1972, the walkways were once again closed off to automobile traffic.

In 1973, Mayor ?? and all the members of the council that voted in favor of the move lost their elections.