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Hunt P. Daffenschmidt (born 1901-died 1983) was the president of Freedemia from ?. He was widely considered Freedemia's quirkiest president and has gone down in history as the c.

Before Presidency

Daffenschmidt immigrated to Lenseter, Freedemia as a child from Kalm and began his young adulthood as a businessman and inventor as the founder of Inator Toys. While the quality of his company's products were often questionable and several lawsuits over them backfiring and injuring kids occurred, Daffenschmidt was able to make a reasonable living.

Later, Daffenschmidt converted the Inator Toys factories to help with equipment during the great war. He then joined the armed forces and became a low-level member of the Freedemian Intelligence Forces (now Freedemian Cybersecurity Forces). During his time with the Intelligence forces, while entirely accidental, Daffenschmidt managed to thwart the surveillance efforts of a spy by hitting a wrong button from mission control causing the spy's equipment to combust. As such, Daffenschmidt gained minor status as a military hero. He was subsequently elected mayor of Lenseter upon the end of the great war due to his newfound status.

19?? Campaign and Election

It was perhaps Daffenschmidt's quirkiness that helped him win the presidency. His odd voice and quirky speech patterns drew far more attention from the media than ____, his fairly monotone and establishment competition. His catchy "We Want Daff" commercials and jingles and his unusual plans, such as the Tri-State Plan, drew many people who supported him as sort of the "anti-establishment" candidate. Since parties weren't banned in Freedemia yet, Daffenschmidt ran as a member of the very small Tri-State Party, a party that proposed an additional layer of executive government between the states and the federal government in the form of tri-state-areas. It would be the only major election won by a Tri-State Party member in Freedemian history.

"We Want Daff" commercials

Dadfenschmidt was very famous for his "We Want Daff" television commercials and the jingle/campaign song that went with them. Doofenschmidt was the first candidate to prioritize television ads over radio and other means, and it was very successful. Everyone knew who Daffenschmidt, affectionately known as "Daff", was, while ___ remained that "boring monotone voice that came on the radio every now and then", as the Quentinsburgh Journal phrased it.

Lyrics to Jingle

("Hunt P. Daffenschmidt... We want Daffenschmidt...")

"Daffenschmidt, Daffenschmidt, he's our man,"

"He supports the Tri-State Plan."

"Freedemia needs someone who can,"

"And Daffenschmidt, he's your man!"

"WE WANT DAFF! (Freedemia,)"

"WE NEED DAFF! (for president-)"

"So cast your vote for Daff and the Tri-state Plan-"

"We want Daff cause Daffenschmidt Can!"

"Vote for Daff and the Tri-state Plan-"

"We want Daff cause Daffenschmidt Can!"


(Hunt P. Daffenschmidt for President of Free Reedemia! VOTE TODAY!!!)


___, a general unknown, split the vote with _____, barely getting second place. (Doofenschmidt would get about 59% of the vote...)

The Decline of the Daffenschmidt Presidency

Trying To Get a Fifteenth State

Freedemia consists of fourteen states. Under Daffenschmidt's Tri-State Plan, Freedemia would have been split into five tri-state areas, each under a federal executive. However, that plan required either twelve or fifteen states. Daffenschmidt attempted several times to split a large state in half first, but was met with zero support. He then attempted to consolidate several smaller states to reduce to twelve states, which was met with an equal lack of support and opposition from larger states with lower population. At one point, Daffenschmidt even floated the idea of annexing southern Paroy for a fifteenth state or kicking Colinas and Windross out of the country to reduce to twelve. He later claimed "he was just kidding", but opposition increased.

No Support From Legislature

Doofenschmidt was not able to convince the Freedemian legislature that the Tri-State Plan would be good for the states, nor that the federal government even had the authority to take over state governments.

Quentins-Edinshire-Lawrence Tri-State Area Scandal

In April of ?, Daffenschmidt, impatient with the lack of legislative support and the roadblocks to the Tri-State Plan, passed an Executive Order making Quentins, Edinshire, and Lawrence into one Tri-State Area and declared himself to be the "Executive Ruler of the Quentins-Edinshire-Lawrence Tri-State Area". After facing huge amounts of public and governmental opposition, Daffenschmidt argued that it was a pilot program to show that the Tri-State Plan would work nationwide and that local government in the three states was corrupt and not representing their constituents well enough.

This didn't last very long. In May of ?, in United Free Reedemia vs President Daffenschmidt, the Freedemian National Court ruled unanimously and declared the Tri-State Executive Order "unconstitutional", and it was the first case the court ever went so far to label "frivolous" and "a waste of time". The newly established Tri-State Area was immediately terminated, to Daffenschmidt's dismay.

Representatives and Poplators from Quentins, Colinas, and Lawrence filed for Daffenschmidt's impeachment, but he remained well-liked enough, partially for his quirkiness, that the vote to impeach failed several times by a large margin.

19?? Failed Reelection Campaign

With presidential approval ratings in the gutter, Daffenschmidt got crushed in his attempt for reelection by Sean Bond, after losing every highly populated state in Freedemia affected by the Tri-State Scandal, home to a large percentage of the population, by a landslide. Doofenschmidt had been relying on hopes of making second place to go for a runoff for president or Executive Whip, but came in a disappointing third when Sean Bond received 40% of the vote and ___ edged out Daffenschmidt to get _% of the vote compared to Doof's _%.

Other Acts as President

  • Ending Operation Fedora- ended a pilot program to use trained wild animals in government operations
  • Alimony/Custody Equality Act- fought discrimination against males/fathers in child custody and alimony cases


Daffenschmidt remained a strong advocate for a strong federal government and the Tri-State Plan. The Tri-State Plan never caught on after the scandal, but his influence was what helped lead to a stronger federal government in Freedemia. This led to the development of what political analysts respectfully call Daffism. Sometimes known as Daffenschmidt Doctrine or Daffist Federalism, Doofism basically is a system where despite the existence of local and state governments, the federal government retains power and close oversight over state and local governments, with the president or other executive having the most power. President ____ later used Doofism to justify his overreaching actions.

Some have argued that Doofism is a longwinded way of justifying a peaceful dictatorship, although scholars disagree on the topic.