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from a diary entry...

Freedemia, being an equatorial country, has uniquely developed a culture where naturism and nudity for comfort is very common and normal, and where the body isn't seen as inappropriate or obscene. While this culture is most prominent in the farther north beach cities of Laneston and Vandover, Quentinsburgh somewhat shares this culture, and naturism, social/public nudity, and bodypainting are pretty much normal and common. As such, there are often communal spaces for things like nude fashion and bodypainting.

Nudepaint Botique [1] is essentially almost the equivalent of a joint grooming/salon/clothes and accessory shop, but centered around bodypainting and nude fashion instead.

So Nudepaint Botique is separated into a number of smaller spaces:

The main indoor space is the namesake Boutique. This area is largely where people can come to get the talented artists and stylists who work there to paint clothes or designs on their bodies. There's spaces for painting on clothes, spaces for different types of abstract designs, a space for choosing other accessories such as hats, flowers, ribbons, socks, etc, as well as a hair salon/barber shop for those who want to get a complete style going. Most of these spaces are facing the street with large windows, though some spaces are facing inward for those less comfortable with the window booths.

There's also a Bodypaint and Fashion Shop (the space with the art shop symbol). This shop is largely for those who aren't trying to be professionally styled, and who just want to paint themselves (or have a friend or family member paint them). In addition to the accessories the Boutique offers, the shop sells all different types and colors of bodypaint for buyers to choose from.

Selfpaint Plaza is the outdoor space inside and around the building. It serves as the primary space for people who are choosing to paint themselves to just have a fun bodypainting day outside. It's actually open to the public (though with limitations on loitering and such), and sometimes hosts little body painting festivals or events.

There's a small overflow space indoors for more Selfpainting, especially for in the case of rain. This space also has the bathrooms and showers for Selfpaint Plaza.

Having the boutique booths have street facing windows and the plaza face outward are partially to help advertise the boutique- not for any inappropriate context, since said context doesn't really exist as much in Freedemia, but just because people often walk by and are like "that looks like good clean fun! We should try it sometime."

The building itself is 2 stories tall, with the exception of the Selfpaint overflow part.

Places like this are far more common and often larger in the cities of Laneston and Vandover, where nudism/naturism and things like body painting are more popular and engrained in the culture of the city. Nudepaint Botique is currently one of the only places of this sort in Quentinsburgh, though more are soon to come with more chain-like places such as Vandover's BoPa Outlet planning on opening soon in Quentinsburgh area malls.