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Hi, I'm Voivod. I started using OpenGeoFiction since February of 2017. I was born in Argentina in 2001. I live in San Miguel, Buenos Aires province. I am currently attending to the high school. Since I was a kid, I used to imagine lots of things in my mind, like a fictional country and soccer teams.

My projects


I'm currently working on a FSA's state called Passamaqueets. It's based mainly in New England, more specifically in Massachussetts.


I always wanted to represent my country here since I started in OGF. Aurumia will be a large nation with low population density, on process of development, with an economy mainly based in agriculture, that will do everything as possible to be a developed country, but first of all it has to get rid of several things and improve a lot more. This will be my ultimate project, maybe I'll dedicate my whole life to finish it. Download sketch here.

My Bliki


My Sandbox


City Sprint February 2019

Burton, PA - Progress
1 Delaney International Airport 2 Detail every highway 3 Natural features 4 Parks and leisure 5 Metro and Commuter systems 6 Universities and schools 7 Industrial areas and port 8 Retail 9 Culture

10 Residential buildings

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