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Individual territory: Xenica flag.png Xenica (mostly inactive, as soon as I have a coherent vision for the country, it will be). Apart from that, maintenance and realistic landuse in blue countries.


'Tis here.


/Notepad - nothing in particular.

Places I like on OGF

  • Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa - you can never have too many cultures in one country.
  • FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia - despite being a theocratic quasi-dictatorship that bans corrupting outside influences like rock music. (No offense, what I like is the mapping).
  • FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia - first country I saw on OGF, still really good.
  • Keze flag.png Kėzėpölān - definitely not so conventional.
  • Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon - I think Luciano's description of it as 'OGF's masterpiece' is very accurate.
  • New Ingerland.png New Ingerland - very relatable, great use of rural-urban juxtaposition, but I'd probably prefer it if youse switched to metric.
  • Mercian flag.png Myrcia - probably the second-most-detailed place after Khaiwoon.
  • Flsg.jpg Pretany - amazing history, geography, and nice modern cities.
  • Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo - since it really hits home.
  • Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia - I don't know why, but I really like it.
  • Flagxsegunis.png Xsegunis - shaping up to be really good.