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Hello all, I am ika-chan! from OpenStreetMap: when I am not tracing real-life data to OpenStreetMap, I manage a nation called Minoa, on NationStates.

I am not here for commercial use or such: the admins have given me a wiki account because I have been developing map server setup instructions to help people build their own private worlds, with the same software that OpenStreetMap and OpenGeofiction uses.

At the moment, the instructions for creating map servers are scattered over many repositories, which makes it very hard for me to find the correct method of creating a server.

The creation of instructions is made harder by the fact that OpenStreetMap uses different servers for each part of their map server, yet most people only have one machine to host the maps, with everything in it, from the Rails Port to Nominatim.

My health is currently poor, hence why it has been a very slow process.


I intend to use the Bash language for writing scripts.