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Матерњи језик овога корисника је хрватскосрпски.
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Hello, my name is JoJoBa. I am a mapper from Serbia. I have made numerous locations in the OGF world. I don't have many edits because every edit of mine consists of hundreds of features. My current project is the country of Auronia, owned by me. Take a look if you want. :)

Personal Info

My name is Bojan, aged 15, turning 16 on June 18th. I am a secondary school student on the course Computer Networks Administrator, first year. I live in a village with 1,100 people in Eastern Serbia. Because I need to travel or either reside permanently in the city where I am going to school, I cannot map from Monday to Thursday. I go to class in Friday, but I come home to my village after the class, and every week the same. That limits my mapping time and I am probably behind other mappers in terms of mapping.

Apart from that, I love geography, a bit of history, a bit of politics and most importantly, mapping. I also adore football, and am staring to follow hockey. As my schools course says, I love computers, games and now the software part of a PC. I am fast, unexpected, I love to make jokes (yes, even the bad ones), a bit depressed, sometimes crazy, and have incredibly bad luck. I am like some of the other people who are interested in computers, a loner, a bit lazy, and lack the social skills. The psychical condition and strength I lose by being on my computer, I regenerate through football.


Notable places I've mapped


Koescad is my first and most important project within Auronia. It is the capital city, and it's metro area is huge, amounting to 4~5 million people. The city doesn't have a main inspiration. I compare it a bit to New York City, because the land there had a similar shape to the Manhattan and surrounding places, so I took the opportunity. I also take some inspirations from the capital of my real world country - Belgrade. Even though this country is inspired by some African nations, the mapping style isn't even close to it, and the capital itself doesn't resemble any African capital.

My favorite areas within Koescad are (with translations inside the brackets):

  • Arvaa Var (River City / Riverside)
  • Komerss & Tenser (CBD/Commercial District & Center)
  • Parq Aurona (Park of Auronia/Government Park)
  • Marina
  • Zaspore Koescad (Port of Koescad)
  • Arepore Koescad (Airport of Koescad)
  • Kasdla a Koescad (Koescad Castle)
  • The highway layout.

Progress: I am finished with the layout for the core of the city, and about 50% finished with the details. The midtown areas, between the suburbs and the downtown is 80% finished in terms of infrastructure and 15% with detail. The final suburbs are 5% finished, only with a few streets.


A city in the extreme northeast of Auronia. Pretty much isolated from other municipality centers. The nearest city is Dateo, just across the strait. R'daren lies on the R'da/Merrin Island, which is divided into two, one side for Auronia, and one for Thalassa. It is 166km away from Koescad. Most of the population works in either the mining sector or the commercial sector. It is one of the poorer parts of Auronia, and the 3rd most sparsely populated municipalities (Behind Queskas and Dateo).

It is for now my favorite place in terms of infrastructure. I think I planned it excellently. You can see most roads lead to the center of the city, which is on a slight-higher elevation.

Progress: Network layout is finished, details are at 15%. Surrounding countryside is about the same, with finished network layout and 5% details.