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I was born on 18th June, 2003, and I am 17 years old. I live in Eastern Serbia Flag of Serbia.png. I am Vlachian by ethnicity (not yet officially), and Serbian by nationality. I am a Gemini. I am currently in the 3rd year of high school (of the Serbian schooling system). I am a student of the IT industry, and am trying to pursue a career in that sector.

My interest in geography (and at the same time fiction) started at the age of 7. I also had a great interest in video-games and I loved playing them, as I still do now. Later, I found an interest in programming and PC building, which led me to studying that. I also like reading astrology facts, they are very often true.

Random facts: my hair sucks, always; I have super fast metabolism, slight vision damage on my left eye, misophonia and the ADHD dissorder. Don't ask me about my music taste, I don't have one, I listen to everything.

I am obsessed with the yellow color, and I like sunflowers, yellow tulips and bananas, out of yellow things.. I like white grapes, sour cream, potatoes, pancakes, cucumber, pineapple, other sour food. I also like writing, having music in the background, memes, night, driving, colors, logos, watching animals, the planet Saturn. I love flowers, they can be really beautiful (yellow tulips are my favorite).

I hate talking about politics, egg yolk, maths, chemistry, greasy hands, parties, anime, the study of languages, attention, snakes, stray dogs.

Fun fact: Even though my username was generated randomly by my mind, I later found out that jojoba is a plant, used to make the jojoba oil. Who would've guessed it!?

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