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ZAFlag.png Zalivnia

Settlement Population No. of villages [1] Info Map
Ulinje 1,600,000 None[2] Capital of Zalivnia. The by far largest city in the country. [1]
Katovnica 5,000 TBD Popular spa center in the mountains.
Žitište (Zitrana) 50,000 TBD
Krivorečje 90,000 TBD
Novo Polivno 40,000 TBD
Petnica 12,000 TBD A popular place for local tourists.
Kopnica 25,000 TBD A small port and industrial town. Popular for fishing.
Tesnac Polje 20,000 TBD The only town where you can access the Zatižica island.
Međudvorje 13,000 TBD The only bigger town on the Zatižica island, besides TBD.
Blizina 35,000 TBD
Skroj 140,000 3 Biggest and most important port in Zalivnia. Big industrial city. One of the biggest in terms of population. [2]
Bioska 8,000 TBD Popular lakeside town, especially in the summer.

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  1. Bold numbers are the final ones. Normal numbers are still in "construction"
  2. Ulinje as the capital, and a special territory, has more municipalities within itself. They will be included below this list.