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Hi, I'm an urban planner, mobility expert and webdesigner from Hamburg, Germany. My countries are Kalm, Garlis, Erfeldia, and Ísztianország (community territory). Actually, Kalm and Roantra (by thilo) were the first countries in Opengeofiction, imagined a long time ago separate from each other, then positioned in the OGF world in the very beginning of the project.

Mapping examples

I'm not systematically developing my countries from small to large scale. Other users do it this way: Main geographical features and country-level road and railway networks for their whole territory first, then going more and more into the details, like for example Andy within his countries and Thilo within Sathria.

I'm always switching between small and large scale, not able to consequently stick to one scale over a long time. This results in patchwork style mapping situations within e.g. my countries of Kalm and Garlis where cities already mapped in a high level of detail mix with regions where the main features visible in small scale already have been drawn and other areas where nothing at all is visible yet.

Due to this fact I had the idea of featuring some of my maps here, so that you can see what I'm currently working on.



Tarott is the largest city of Kalm. Up to a quite high zoom level it already looks pretty good, but when you zoom in up to the highest zoom level, you'll see that in most parts of the city the roads are not connected due to the vector file drawn in Illustrator that I imported the data from (drawn from 2010 until 2013). It will take much time to fix this, to add the street names and so on.

Tarott (OGF map)

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Forberg is the largest city of Markland federal region, Kalm. I was unsatisfied with the result of my vector data import for Tarott, where I imported (almost) everything but labels and still have to spend much time e.g. for fixing road intersections, adding the labels and so on. Thus, for Forberg, one of the four cities I had developd in Illustrator and Inkscape since a few years (in this case: 2009), I decided to go a different way. I use the rasterized vector map as background and manually re-draw every object in JOSM. A long process as well, but I think in the end it's not more time consuming the solution for Tarott. At the moment, some districts have been drawn up to a high level of detail, whereas in other parts there are only some place names, roads and railways so far.

Forberg (OGF map)

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Crohn is the first small city that has been drawn from scratch within JOSM, without any previous work on paper or using other software. It is located within Barsland kanton, Arwangen federal region in the south of Kalm, right next to the Sathrian border, represented by Barsas River in this part. This whole border region was developed in mid-2013 together with thilo as an entry to the Storyslingers Fictional Worlds Mapmaking Competition.

Crohn (OGF map)

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Rahnsberg, another small city in Barsland kanton, Arwangen federal region, Kalm. Developed from scratch in JOSM in mid-2013.

Rahnsberg (OGF map)

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Mendau is the capital of Arwangen region in the south of Kalm. Drawn from scratch in JOSM, started 2013. Work in progress.

Mendau (OGF map)

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Haffe is a mid-sized city in the north-west of Beltgau region in north-western Kalm. It is loacted at the coast of the West Sea. Drawn from scratch in JOSM, started in september 2013.

Haffe old town (OGF map)

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Hohenharl is located within the touristy region of Jendland, Ahrland federal region, Kalm. It is a small town that lost it's railway line within the 1960's (the former "Harltalbahn" that connected Hohenharl to Hamreis along Harl river). Only an isolated part of the railway within the city is still used as a preserved, touristy railway line. Drawn from scratch in JOSM, started in september 2013.

Hohenharl (OGF map)

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Norad is the capital of Garlis. Drawn from scratch in JOSM, started in january 2014. Work in progress. For some reason I decided not to use landuse=residential here so far.

Norad (OGF map)

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Marienschell is the second-largest city within Storberg-Oberfora federal region within Kalm (after Lendrecht, the region's capital). Drawn from scratch in JOSM, started in october 2013, work in progress.

Marienschell (OGF map)

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Cossum, a nice city within the lake district in Niederstresien region in Kalm. Cossum is the second-largest city within the region, after Wintheben, the region's capital. First ideas developed in september 2011 (while sitting in a park in Nantes, France - a city quite different from Cossum :) ) and drawn into a notebook. There are not many details yet, but still I wanted to present it here. Work in progress, of course...

Cossum (OGF map)

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Darsons is mid-sized college city in Commonia. I've drawn this American-style city in 2014 for two zombie novelists in the US who needed and "urban playground" for their novels. I've changed the city a bit since then (and another user has added the light-rail line, which I modified a bit as well). I think, now it is a city that fits pretty well into the northern part of Commonia. If you wonder why some names containing "East" are in the west (and so on), this is due to structural changes in Commonia a while ago. The city has "moved up" north and was rotated by almost 180 degrees. I didn't have the time to change the names yet.

Darsons (OGF map)

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Wenneberg is a smaller city within Kauerwald (Ingerish: Couwer Forest) region, part of Arwangen federal region in south-eastern Kalm. Drawn from scratch, started in november 2014.

Wenneberg (OGF map)

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Vennburg is the sixth-largest city of Kalm, located at the north-western edge of Kelmtal mining region. Ubena is an industrial city with ~400,000 inhabitants east of Vennburg. Started in spring 2015.

Vennburg/Ubena (OGF map)

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Helster is one of the largest Kalmish islands within the Vinn Sea and the farhest from the mainland. A narrow-gauge railway connects the new port via Helsterburg, Albrechtsdorf, Rongenne and Isabelladorf to Sörenne. The southern part of the former railway circle line has been closed in the 1970's. Drawn from scratch in JOSM, except form and location of the island that was already included in an early, hand-drawn sketch of the Kalm map. Started in september 2013.

Helster island (OGF map)

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Hajau is the largest Kalmish island within the West Sea. It belongs to Elgat-Niedersolm federal region. It is connected to the mainland by a combined railway/road bridge. The largest city on the island is Lertz. Besides three railway branches, there is an inter-urban tramway network connecting Lertz with some smaller touristy towns on the island. Started in january 2014 and drawn from scratch in JOSM (based upon a frist idea of the island in an earlier hand-drawn sketch of Kalm).

Hajau island (OGF map)

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Rural regions


Barsland kanton, Arwangen federal region, Kalm.

Barsland kanton (OGF map)

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Jendland touristy region, Ahrland federal region, Kalm. Famous e.g. for its wines.

Jendland touristy region (OGF map)

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Hohenkurpland region, Beltgau federal region, Kalm. Not many details yet, but I think a part of the interesting topography is visible already.

Hohenkurpland region (OGF map)

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Kettholm peninsula

Kettholm peninsula, north-western part of Kettholm-Westvinnsee feredal region, Kalm. Not many details yet, but soon to come...

Kettholm peninsula (OGF map)

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Lower Fora region

Lower Fora region, Beltgau federal region, Kalm.

Lower Fora region (OGF map)

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Ísztianország (eastern part)

First details of the Ísztianország community country.

Eastern part of Ísztianország (OGF map)

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Kauerwald touristy region, Arwangen federal region, Kalm.

Kauerwald touristy region (OGF map)

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Dreieich Egyt mountains region

Dreieich region, lower Egyt Mountains, Kohnen federal region, Kalm.

Dreieich region, lower Egyt mountains (OGF map)

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