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en This user is a native speaker of English.
cmn-3 該用戶能以熟練官話進行交流。
ru-2 Этот участник хорошо знает русский язык.

gr-G Teiki ajħan sai k ħaranše қeijšo j w Griseɂaži wurei.
th-G Tomo nic s'e flutheraddn negali s'd'Tiranskåra gwerrdn.

Hello! I'm KAB, the mapper of Pontus-flag.png Grey Coast, ThirranicFlag.png Thirran, Yrasẽmatetã, and a member of the Ginnungaoyar and the Malësoria collabs in AN160c and UL17g. If you're looking to reach out to me, you can message me or find me on the the unofficial OGF Discord server. I'm also the co-founder of the South Antarephian Union, an economic and political alliance between seventeen Antarephian nations under the 45 South Lateral. If you are located in Antarephia and your nation is under the 45 South, you are eligible for membership in the SAU. If interested, please message me.

Note: expected hiatus on all projects to begin on 18 June and to end on 28 August.

Find me on OGF!

Current Projects

The main areas I'm working on at the moment.

Map Notes

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Greater Nimarian Metropolitan Area, Pontus-flag.png Grey Coast
  • I've been working on and off on this since (probably) around March of 2021.
  • A former Kofuken outpost.
  • The largest metropolitan area in Grey Coast, surpassing even the capital city.
  • Generates income from fishing and shipbuilding, among others.
Map Notes

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Tɔlmark, (ThirranicFlag.png Thirran)
  • The site of the Principality of Tɔlmark, a semi-independent principality at the base of the Byarach s Tɔlmark.
  • Home of the Tɔlmark Dialect of the Thirranic language.
  • Home to one of the most dangerous airports, Tɔlmark Nihardtorgc Aeroportali, which is stuck in between the ocean and the Byarach s Tɔlmark.
  • I'm currently taking a break from working on it, but will return to work more on buildings, roads, and other features soon.

Territories I own/work on:

Name Info Status
Pontus-flag.png Grey Coast My first territory in OGF is Grey Coast, a small Antarephian nation in the Harda Archipelago. It gets its name from the almost year-long fog cover that blankets the coasts as a result of the presence of the Grisean Great Lakes, namely Lake St. Anne. Active.
ThirranicFlag.png Thirran My second territory is Thirran, which borders Grey Coast to the east. So far there isn't much to say about it that I can think of at the moment. Active.
Yrasẽmatetã Essentially an OGF:Paraguay, Yrasẽmatetã is an island nation in the Lyc Region of Tarephia and is made up of eleven province-kingdoms. Active.
Ginnungaoyar flag.png Ginnungaoyar My first time working in a collaborative territory is in Ginnungaoyar, based off of and around the Faroe Islands. Active.
Malësoria My second collab is in Malësoria, which is essentially Albania, but poorer and with more ethnic diversity. Active.


Pontus-flag.png Grey Coast AN150c: 192902 nodes + 11887 ways + 71 relations = 204860 in total

ThirranicFlag.png Thirran AN150d: 28038 nodes + 1513 ways + 65 relations = 29616 in total

Yrasẽmatetã TA337: 37532 nodes + 3439 ways + 228 relations = 41199 in total

Ginnungaoyar flag.png Ginnungaoyar AN160c: 70108 nodes + 1701 ways + 14 relations = 71823 in total

Malësoria UL17g: 97894 nodes + 2803 ways + 70 relations = 100767 in total