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About me

Hi, I'm KHBritish. I'm 15 and I am from/live in Merseyside, England. I have been working on:

  1. REDIRECT Template:Ma'akuha (late 2016–present)

Like many others, I have been interested in map-drawing and designing since I was a small child. I have also contributed to Wikimapia and OSM since 2016. However, I had nowhere to map my fiction work accurately and in detail, until discovering OGF in December 2016.


I've decided to start a Bliki blog, where I explain what I've been working on, planning and mapping recently.

December 2018

January 2019

My work

Country Map Name Description
Updated flag of the Serene Islands.png Ma'akuha OGFmapicon.png 2.48648 N, 92.90243 E Palmeras de la Isla The capital town / municipality of the island of Los Valles, Gativa.
Updated flag of the Serene Islands.png Ma'akuha OGFmapicon.png 2.4935 N, 92.9214 E Zarafe An authentic Gativian village, with rustic buildings, miles of farmyards, bricked churches, stoney steps and family-run restaurants.
Dartannia flag.png Dartannia OGFmapicon.png 56.5148 N, 47.956 E
Dartannia flag.png Dartannia OGFmapicon.png 56.4198 N, 48.2835 E Altbridge Here is the capital city of my country, Hinton - nothing much mapped here apart from the start of the city centre, railway station and the Hintonian Airways Arena, but be sure to check back to see how it's coming along.