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Welcome to Kurzov's OGF User Bliki...


January 2020

January 15th

(or, something something that dang airport)

Planned redo area for the "Middle Territories".

Heyo. I was working on the airport in Eburen, and I think I've gotten it right this time. Plans regarding the January 13th bliki entry are to completely start over on the "Middle Territories" (consisting of all areas west of, and including, R-20, north of R-14 and Gregoria, east of R-10, and south of R-36.

January 13th

(or, Lineville? KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE)

Long time no bliki. Oh, happy New Year, by the way. Not much has happened lately in terms of mapping, but things are progressing... at a painfully slow rate, slower than I'm willing to settle for. I was thinking about removing Lineville and the nearby mountain range, as well as redoing R-10/R-20/R-36 to match that... the "construction" landuse has stuck around in that area for a long time now for no real good reason other than the fact that I'm a tad lazy. The whole middle area (south of Rukenzon and north of Gregoria) is a bit of an unrealistic (...imo) mess that's been hanging around since the very beginning, especially the "mountain range". If you'd like to give me some advice regarding that, I'd love to hear it - send a PM my way and we'll go from there. Thanks.


December 2019

December 5th

(or, Swamps and Streams)

When I'm not on OGF, real life is probably smacking me in the face. Oh well. While I've been gone I haven't edited much, but I'm currently adding large swampy areas to parts of the Levarrie-side of the Eburen riverbank.

September 2019

September 5th

(or, Miripolly, Commonia: An 'Experimental' Town)

Hello again. New in the nation of Commonia is the town of Miripolly. I will use this town to help practice my scaling skills for later use in Levarrie, alongside create a new town in the nation.

Edit, September 6th: I'm a dumbdumb and put West Commonia instead of Commonia. Fixed.

September 3rd

(or, The Case for Eburen: My Never-Ending Scaling Issues)

Hihi. As some of you may (or may not) know, I have a pretty bad habit of unrealistically scaling stuff (cough cough Fressland). While some of Eburen is scaled correctly (or so I believe...) other parts of it (especially the airport that I put in without much thought) are definitely not. Over the next little while I'll look at Eburen and change it to match my current scaling rules.

August 2019

August 5th

Long time no see, bliki. I haven't touched Levarrie in quite a while, and I'm beginning on a project which will completely overhaul the central portions of the nation. It's poorly mapped, old, and in some parts quite unrealistic (IMO). So I've began to delete most of my old stuff there and remap it. This has been going on for the past few days, and I've only now decided to update the bliki. In addition, said bliki won't just be a "Levarrie changelog" thing anymore, I'll try to add some more detail as the days go on.


October 2018

October 7th

I'd make a "Katav/Bliki/2017" page but I don't feel like it's necessary. (Most) of what's happened since I last wrote here:

  • Various freeway extensions.
  • (Re)creation of Eburen.
  • Jurneville airport created.
  • Markers for future cities created.


November 2017

November 21st

  • Extended R-20 and R-14.
  • Added a few new towns along the Turnpike and south of Rukenzon Raceway.
  • Extended the Levarrie Railroad.
  • Created the Sakatia Train Terminal.
  • Added more landuse regions.

November 17th

  • Levarrie Highway now extends beyond the Rennhart Region.
  • Added some more beaches along the Eburen corridor.
  • Set up the Rukenzon Region. Borders not final.
  • Connected Levarrie Highway to R-14.
  • Routed Eburen Turnpike onto R-14.

November 16th

  • Connected the three separate segments of R-14 together. Road is now numbered.
  • Partially added Levarrie Railroad mainline.
  • Added Levarrie Railroad North Avenue Industrial Spur.
  • Added Levarrie Railroad Quarry Spur.
  • Added more landuse regions.
  • Created junctions for Eburen Turnpike.
  • Created Rukenzon, city which contains Rukenzon Royal Raceway.
  • Added Rukenzon mainline of the Levarrie Railroad.
  • Extended Eburen Turnpike.

November 13th

  • Interchange of R-14 and R-10 constructed. R-14 will go west to the AR056c border, east to Lake Lezerne.
  • Completed R-10 through the Sakatia Region.

November 8th

New name. New wiki page. Fun times.

October 2017

October 26th

Expanded R (Route) 10 (which is a freeway) northward, and I made a river between the lake and the border of AR065d and AR065c. Whoop-de-doo.

October 25th

It's been a while since I've been here. Many things have changed. Still, I am back. I'm now editing AR065d (name undecided as of yet), and I'm starting from the south and working my way north. I'm not even sure I'm putting this blog in the right place, though.

As I return, I may be rusty, but it's a start.

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