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Hi! I'm LemonKing, mapper of Bloregia. I have been creating fictional languages and countries since childhood. Bloregia has grown up with me. Or perhaps it's just Bloregia that has grown up.

Me in the real world

My name is Jaakko Paakkanen and I live in Turku, Finland. I work as a Lutheran clergyman since 1999. I have one wife and three children. In my youth, I lived in Norway for six years. My many creative hobbies include playing piano and guitar, composing, drawing, writing stories, editing Finnish Wikipedia, video editing etc.


Languages – real and fictional – have always been a special passion for me. I have studied approx. twelve real languages to some extent and created multiple fictional ones. Bloregian is the the most realistic one, it has a grammar and dictionary with 2000 words. I have translated the entire Gospel of John into Bloregian language.

OGF Community

I am open for all kinds of cooperation: cooperative mapping, creating history and linguistics etc. Any comments or proposals, I'll be happy if you send a message!

Bloregia is a member of Vinnic Economic Community and North-West Ulethan Union. A tri-national union between Bloregia, Altavia and Eäßnordælånd in under develoment since June 2018.

On mapping freedoms in Bloregia, see below.

Mapping projects

Flag of Bloregia.jpg Bloregia

Bloregia in North-Western Uletha is loosely based on a somewhat similar country I created with pen an paper, originally containing elements of real geography (from Northern Osthrobothnia, Finland). I practically already have a language, an ancient history, peaces of arts, laws, politics and traffic signs for Bloregia, but I use the original material sparingly here, for three reasons: (1) Most of it is in Finnish, it takes time to translate. (2) Most of it is on paper, it takes time to put it in digital form. (3) I need to harmonize the material in many ways to make it fit into the OGF world.

South-West Bloregia has been partly mapped by a previous owner of my territory. I will preserve it as an autonomic county within Bloregia, with bloregianized names. A small part of the area is an exclave of Eäßnordælånd. The history of the area is linked to a major war in the area in early 20th century or so and will be written in cooperation with nearby territory owners.

Collaborate with Bloregia!

  • The City of Blöndel welcomes embassies and international headquarters in specified areas.
  • At the moment, anyone is welcome to map a modest number of shops, restaurants and other minor commercial units in Greater Blöndel and Chimmundi. Please map international free-to-map brands or special amenities distictive to your own country. Please place them in existing commercial or retail areas.
  • For members of Vinnic Economic Community, other mapping freedoms apply as stated in OGF:VEC Business Listing.
  • Not a VEC member? Want to map Bloregian units in other countries? Check OGF:International Business Listing
  • If you wish to contribute or cooperate in any way, don't hesitate to send a message !

Collaboration projects and blue area mapping

Unofficial collaborations

  • Berles, Vinnmark, an unofficial collaboration territory under courtesy of the territory owner adminero_us
  • Gaffelbyen (Riffezaad), a triple city is under collaborative construction with neighbouring countries around the boundary river fork area of Southern Bloregia.

Blue areas I have mapped


So why the nick LemonKing? In my children's outdoor games, some of which I directed into "movies", there was this fictional king with the name Limukka (a variant of the Finnish word Limonaati meaning "lemonade" or more generally "refreshment"). I named my original Youtube profile ProLimukka. Later, in some other internet profiles (including Wikipedia) I modified the nick into the English LemonKing. I still have both nicks e.g. in Voobly, where I occasionally play the original Age of Empires, although I'm not very good at it.

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