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Hello! I'm Lithium-Ion, the mapper of Iscu.png Iscu and ArionFlag.png Arion, and a coordinator of Michisaukee in the FSA. I also contribute a few other collaborative projects. If you have any questions, comments, or advice, feel free to message me on ogf or discord.

Take a look at my Sandbox!

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Current Projects

The main stuff I'm working on at the moment. Thanks to BMSOUZA for the inspiration :)

Map Notes

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Amanet Iscu.png Iscu
  • I've been working on and off on this for way too long, since Feburary.
  • It's inspired by villages in Fiji, and is probably one of the poorer villages in Iscu.
  • Mostly dependent on the farms, resorts, and the nearby phosphate mine.
  • Yes, resorts. Inequality!
Map Notes

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Kadla Atoll, Iscu.png Iscu
  • The home of the native Iscuans, who have almost no contact with the outside world.
  • Farms are inspired by Udi's great work in Hesperis. I think it's amazing that there's mapping so complete that instead of looking to osm for inspiration, mappers can just look to other's work in ogf.
  • Currently taking a bit of a break from it, but I plan to come back to it soon to work more on buildings and the remaining islands.
  • The reason why the large island is so big is because it's a Reef Knoll

Territories I own(ed):

Name Info Status
Conque My first territory. We do not speak of this time. Former territory.
Bloomfield County My county in West Massodeya from back when it was split up into mini-counties. At the time, my county also contained what is now County Thomas, where I did most of the mapping. As of this writing, all of the mapping I made remains - and it's a bit of an Old Shame of mine - as is most of my earliest work. Former territory.
Schapenvurreiland My second independent territory, meant to be some kind of dutch colony. I was still using iD at this point, so it was not very impressive stuff. All of the mapping was deleted after I vacated it. For those curious, it mean Sheep Fire Island, or something similar. Former territory.
Iscu.png Iscu My favorite territory, inspired by the pacific islands, from Nauru to Kiribati to Fiji. I first made it mostly in iD, but have recently massively overhauled it (read: deleted everything and started over), and it's better than ever! Active.
Michisaukee I'm a co-coordinator of this collaborative state in the FSA, inspired by Kentucky, Tennessee and WV. Co-Coordinator.
ArionFlag.png Arion My second permanent territory, originally meant to be located in UL02c (I still have some hopes, though), and inspired by Greece, with other southern Mediterranean influences. Active.


ArionFlag.png Arion UL02i: 363350 nodes + 20387 ways + 505 relations = 384242 in total

Iscu.png Iscu UL33m: 131862 nodes + 9114 ways + 174 relations = 141150 in total