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Hello and welcome to my bliki, where I will be charting my progress as I build the nation of Al-Kaza. I am looking forward to getting to know other geofiction creators as much as I am looking forward to mapping out a new world, so if reading the posts here spark any thoughts at all, please don't hesitate to share! I am open to collaborations and group projects as well, so if you're so inclined, feel free to send me a direct message through OGF.

Louis walker's OGF Bliki
2017: Dec 19 - Planning Patermas
2018: Jan 5 - Mountains and Rivers and Roads, oh my! // Jan 26 - Nodes, Nodes, Nodes! // Dec 24 - A Fresh Start
2019: Jan 6 - Harvest Moon // Jan 20 - Water, Water Everywhere (And Also Some New Roads) // Feb 3 - Weaving the Urban Fabric // Feb 18 - Welcome to Canan // Sept 20 - Can I Get a Witness?