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February 2019 City Sprint Mapathon

The first OGF City Sprint is taking place from February 1st through February 28th, 2019. If you'd like to participate, choose a city in your country (or a collaborative territory) that you want to focus on and add your info to the list below. The goal is to make as much progress as possible on creating a well-mapped city in the span of a month. Think of it like NaNoWriMo for geofiction!

While it is not a requirement for participating, as a general benchmark we can all challenge ourselves to upload an average of 1,071 objects per day—a total of 30,000 over the course of the month.

Each day during the sprint, this page will be updated with a link to a cool map or mapping resource and a brief prompt to spark participants' curiosity and (hopefully) inspire some exciting mapping. Have questions? Just scroll down—there's an FAQ at the bottom of this page. :-)

Daily Dose of Mapping Mojo

DAY 28: What does a safe, lively street look like? MIT aimed to definitive answers through the Streetscore project. Researchers surveyed more than a million people to create an algorithm that can translate Google Streetview photos into color-coded maps of whole cities that show the perceived safety of their streets, creating heatmaps of perception. How safe are your city’s streets? Are there ways to communicate that through your map, i.e. by increasing the tree canopy in some areas vs. others?

Missed a previous mojo map? You can find the full archive right here.


Big ups to PortCal for creating a mapometer template that City Sprint participants can add to their Wiki bio pages to track their progress over the next month.

Click here for the code and instructions!

City Sprint Participants

Name Focus City Country Map W1 Total W2 Total W3 Total
Alessa Girgensa MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia [1]
Arisuaq Inuarfik Lost country.png Naajaland [2]
BMSOUZA Borath 2band slovech.png Belgravia [3]
CharlieG Resona Artenia Flag.svg Artenia [4]
Cibrage Ćiśka CiraFlag2-01.png Chira [5]
Eretra Sedina Vilvetian Republic flag.png Vilvetia [6] 6379 5901
Ernestpcosby Wallawaukee Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [7]
FancyFoxy Albert Peaceland [8]
Infrarrojo Ezelvenbourg Lost country.png Altavia [9]
KaptainKvtlass Presdin Uppsterland Flag.png Uppsterland [10]
LemonKing Shakkost Flag of Bloregia.jpg Bloregia [11]
Louis walker Canan-Yar Kazari flag.png Al-Kaza [12] 22,079 25,362 38,870
Martinawa Nichiuri Adariaflag.png Adaria [13] 7371 5447 14251
Megacity2005Creator The Premises FLAGMECY.png Mecyna [14]
Mike's World Barker's Lake 28px Crenru [15]
MobiusTheEagle Aspera 28px Kanitario, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [16]
Newflanders Léonville / Leonburgh Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia [17]
Oscar2002 Puerto Elisabeth BanderaPoheniciaV2.png Pohenicia [18]
ParAvion Gerrise Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo [19]
PortCal Ansley ParoyFlag.png Paroy [20]
Ramasham Tangletree Castine flag.png Castine [21]
Reece202 Sediimarkt ByriFlag1835present.png Kalisaanyo [22]
Ruadh Fíra Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé [23]
Sarepava Säntjana-Osmila metropolitan area Karolia flag.png Karolia [24]
TBMap Yorksey FlagofBoscainifornio.png Boscainifornio, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [25]
TheMayor Lake City Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [26]
Toadwart Fawltryncham East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury [27]
Tparigo South Valoris Drapeaubro.png Broceliande [28]
Trombonist2003 Sevaille Androves, DrapeauBMT.svg Beaumontan [29]
Turnsole80 Philipstown New Ingerland.png New Ingerland [30]
Udi Metámo (Siá) ߕߤߊߎߊ ߗߤߍߌߞߏߊߕߐߤߌ Xeikátohi Thawn [31]
UmgangsCool Morakev Gjad Morakevflag.svg Morakev,Aulsatoflag.png Aulsato [32]
UN1TY Confluencia Xoŋpɤuaŋци San Basilio Шʌŋ Ҕʌшíɤю, UNESIA Flag-125x65.png Unesia [33]
Voivod Burton Passamaqueets, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [34] 13992 8714
Yuanls Thoole Glaster Flag.png Glaster [35]
zhenkang Kontroga Rusky.jpg Antigo (PFS) [36]
Zytik Warwick PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States [37]

City Sprint FAQ

Do I have to map every single day? No! The goal of the City Sprint is to make as much progress as possible on mapping a high-quality, realistic city in one month's time. If you miss days, that's fine! When you can, jump back in. Just push yourself to map as consistently as possible. If you need inspiration, check this page each day for new ideas and resources.

Do I have to map a certain number of objects per day? Nope! You can set your own goal—again, quality mapping is the most important thing. If you want to aim for more or less than 30,000 objects uploaded in a month, by all means, set the goal that works best for you.

Do I have to start a city from scratch? Certainly not. If there's a city you've already made substantial progress on but you want to double down on, go for it! If you have a huge infrastructure network built out but have been putting off mapping buildings and amenities, that's a great way to participate, too. Do what makes sense for you.

Do I have to have my own country to participate? No way! If you don't have your own territory yet but want to join in the fun, just send a PM to louis_walker and let me know the city you'll be focusing on, and I'll add you to the participant list.

Do I get anything for participating? Just a sense of pride and accomplishment! This is not a competition—it's a fun opportunity for us all to cheer each other on and challenge ourselves to kick our mapping into warp-speed.

For more background info, you can read the original forum post about the City Sprint right here.