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This "bliki" (wiki-based blog) is an ongoing experiment by Luciano. I encourage other users on OGF to try their own experiments in using the wiki to find new ways to communicate with other members of the OGF community.
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this bliki represent my personal views. I am speaking primarily in my role as a user of OGF, NOT as a member of the admin team. Nothing I say here should be taken as an indication of admin policy.
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The Daily Blik

Moving forward, I will be posting my Monthly Mapper's Challenges in my Bliki, rather than in the diaries. I'd like to see the diaries move in the direction of just being a place for community-wide announcements and technical issues, rather than a place for "brags" and "requests for feedback" etc.

Follow-up for Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #12 (March, 2017)

I didn't really "finish" my March challenge - because I began to take it too seriously. I decided to map an entire bronze-age city at Comala's modern location, which is called Quelepa. In subsequent mapping I will gradually "bury" this ancient city beneath newer development until only the odd traces of its plazas and temples impact the configuration of the city's modern neighborhoods. That's the plan - but I still haven't finished Quelepa. So I can't say I really completed the March challenge.

I saw some other mappers doing interesting things. Everyone is free to share their work or thoughts about this challenge in the comments section, below.

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #13 - April, 2017 - Better Boundaries, Better Neighbors

For the April Challenge, I would like to think about borders.

Many mappers seem afraid to detail their borders - so they keep the long, straight lines that they inherit form the original subdivision of the world into territories. But most real-world borders are more interesting than that - the long, straight line that makes up e.g. the US-Canada border is just the huge exception that proves the rule.

In my own country, I have already done a great deal to make Ardisphere's borders more interesting - the northern and eastern border were just a few straight lines when I came to OGF, and so over time I added the large lake (Moyica) and made the border much more interesting, all during a time when the neighbor territories were unoccupied. Later, my neighbors to the north, especially, have done great things integrating their countries with this more complex border, too.

Making a more interesting border is quite easy to do and is completely allowed within the rules: for border with unowned territories, as long as you stay within about 10km of the original line and are "territory neutral" (meaning you give away to your neighbor as much territory as you gain), mappers are free to make lots of changes. With neighbors who own territories, it's even more interesting, because you don't have to stay within those constraints - as long as both parties agree, of course. You can work out all kinds of interesting arrangements, including enclaves/exclaves, etc. I know some users have done this, e.g. at Kalm/Sathria.

So the challenge for April is:

  • Make your borders more interesting! Follow mountain ridges, watershed lines (continental divides), rivers, make lakes, etc.

For my work on this challenge, I intend to add some interest to Ardisphere's borders in the northwest, where the neighbor is currently unowned. Perhaps I'll be introducing some kind of mountain ridge and maybe a small border lake in the area, as in the sketch below.

Luciano Screenshot FA NWBorder.png

Happy mapping - Luciano (talk) 14:02, 1 April 2017 (CEST)

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