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This page is intended to establish some specific requirements to own an National Institute of Marine Research facility.

On the map below you can see the states of Federal States where there are NIMR facilities:

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What is the National Institute of Marine Research?

The National Institute of Marine Research is a marine biology research center that also manages various museums throughout the country. It is managed and funded by the Government of the Federal States, in addition to funds received thanks to various private sources.

What does this institution do?

This institution is responsible for the research of marine biology and marine ecosystems in Federal States and around the world.

Why should I have an installation in my state?

In addition to the contributions you will give to the general population, it can be a good opportunity to map several buildings or a research center and thus increase the development of your city, town or state in general (not to mention that it may add interest).

How can I apply to have an installation?

If you are interested in having an installation, please contact me in my message tray after mapping the site. To be accepted, only a few basic requirements below must be met; after that I will include it in the list of states with facilities. The status of the requests can be tracked in the discussion.

Basic requirements

The main requirements to have a National Institute of Marine Research facility are as follows:

  • Place the installation in a place near the sea, a body of continental water (such as a river, lake, swamp, wetlands, etc.).
  • Consider the types of marine animals that will be studied in the area (such as mangrove, tropical or river animals).
  • Take into account the ecological aspects of the area. It is not realistic to have a marine research facility near a place with pollution (such as a city center, oil depot or nuclear center).
  • Develop the facilities in a way that is correctly incorporated with your current mapping (although not completely mandatory).
  • Attach in the message the link to the map and the kind of institution (tropical research, mangroves, lakes, tall bodies of water ...).

If these basic rules are followed, it will be accepted almost immediately.

Current research centers

City State Type Additional facilities Description Map
New Atwick AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island Main research center National Museum of Marine Biology It is the main marine research center in Federal States, where the main laboratories are located and where fossils of many species are exhibited. Map
Aerwinya Oakhillflag.png Oakhill Tropical research center Visitors Center It is a center dedicated mainly to tropical research in Federal States and to the treatment of some species of mangroves and rivers. Map

Some important aspects when editing this table are the following:

  • City: Here you put the name of the city or town closest to the facility. If it is too far from a population, the name of the county where it is located.
  • State: It is recommended to add a template as {{Trinity Island}}, that includes the name and flag of your state.
  • Type: It should be mentioned what kind of ecosystem is studied (tropical, river, mangroves ...).
  • Additional facilities: Here you can mention any installation that is owned by NIMR, but that are not dedicated to research and/or rehabilitation of species.
  • Description: You should place a short description of the main objectives of the center and its activities.
  • Map: Place a link to the installation location on the map. The word Map should appear in the link.