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I'm Marcello. I made maps since childhood - and that's a long time ago. Now enjoying the digital age, I map on OpenStreetMap and have a try on this site.

I map on the small islands of Ste. Marie and Ste. Helene, south of Uletha - and a little bit in West Commonia (long live geofictional anarchy there !).

Oh, and I am the proud developer of the State of Astrantia - AR120-17 in our newest collaborative empire !

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I studied Social Sciences (having a M.Sc.) and worked in IT for a life - and a lifetime.

Currently teaching CAD/CAM to University staff and (Master) students and (sometimes) schoolteachers in secondary education.


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Country Project Location Map
VlagPSM1b.png Ste. Marie and Ste. Helene Township of Port Ste. Marie - it's close - but no cigar - yet. Isle Ste. Marie OGFmapicon.png 2.62628 N, 93.31445 E
SunParks @ Ste. Helene - an early effort at a tropical holiday theme; many more to follow ! Isle Ste. Helene OGFmapicon.png 2.57622 N, 93.52136 E
One of my first tries at 'natural' mapping. This is not easy, certainly not by lack of references in housing size etc. Isle St. Albert OGFmapicon.png 2.59863 N, 93.41968 E
My most detailed island so far; with farms and small-scale tropical agriculture. Isle St. Henri OGFmapicon.png 2.603 N, 93.3729 E
This is the south-western part of Ste. Helene. It is what I currently aim at for detail. Isle Ste. Helene OGFmapicon.png 2.5877 N, 93.5189 E
AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia It's a work in progress, so be patient on this one ! But slowly the scene unfolds... The proud State of Astrantia (AR120-17) OGFmapicon.png 41.9957 S, 159.6993 E
Lost country.png West Commonia The quiet seaside village of Santa Maria del Mar - my first try at OGF. Yanbul, West Commonia OGFmapicon.png 6.2321 N, 126.0409 E
Nuevo Espíritu's station - a start for collaboration between Mikele and yours truly. Note that Mikele does the better mapping, both qualitatively and quantitatively, as he has mapped over 80% of current Nuevo Espíritu, including some really amazing suburbs. Nuevo Espíritu, Yanbul, WC OGFmapicon.png 6.0526 N, 126.3163 E
Nuevo Espíritu's airport - a small but decent one IMHO. (unfortunately recently 'improved' by another mapper ;-( ) South of Nuevo Espíritu OGFmapicon.png 5.9183 N, 126.3711 E
'La Laguna' classification yard - arguably the only classification yard on the planet ? South-east of Nuevo Espíritu OGFmapicon.png 5.8488 N, 126.4361 E