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A lot has rained since... (less than I'd wish, though.)

Physical Geography

Most of the work I've done in OGF, specially on the summer, has been on the background, preparing to upload a contour map for the topo layer, to start making the topography of the place. It has been a very stimulating job, with tons of stuff to do, but it is very satisfying to see your work show up on the map, with the shadings of the mountains you've only imagined in your head until that point. But not everything is joy, as the map shows multiple glitchy behaviors due to the map not being detailed enough. I am already working on this and maybe depending on when you see this the problem is less visible than when I wrote it. Also, the OSM mapping on the topo layer is rarely updated, showing the old state borders that I changed months ago already.

I really encourage other users to try this approach, it is a very fun and satisfying experience, and a great way to show other users how your country looks like!

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Adariaflag.png Look at the Topo layer to see the relief of Adaria at its fullest

Twin cities on the lake

Another of the focuses that I've had along these months is the city of Maldín. Most of this focus has been mainly thanks to the collaboration with user roadyote, who owns the bordering country of Cordinia, and has developed the city of Torrevega along the coast of the same lake, in the other side of the border, which has much more detailed mapping than Maldín, and that has clearly stimulated me to make a comparable city on my side, despite not being as well-detailed yet. The latest updates have been in the railway department, when the connection of the Adarian and Cordinian rail networks has been made through this international metropolitan area.

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Adariaflag.png Look at both sides before crossing

Detail in Nichiuri

Also, ocasionally, I'm working on the most detailed mapping, the building mapping. Right now, I'm beginning to map blocks around the southern end of the Palace Bridge, between the Ensanche and Lonja districts of Nichiuri. The idea is that in the very, very distant future, all of Nichiuri should have this level of detail. Meanwhile, not-so-good-looking block-sized buildings will fill the high-density areas of the city.

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Adariaflag.png The finest detail

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Thank you in advance.