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Primary Focus: I'm starting Phoenix, Mecyna over. If you're interested in collaborating, don't hesitate to message me! [1]


15, male, 5'10", optimistic about the future. Born in New York, living in Alaska. Though my heart lives in the Loudoun Valley.

In the OGF world, I'm an incoming sophomore at Upper Valley Junior/Senior High School.

Is Megacity2005Creator active?

As of July 12th, 2020, I am fully active. However, this is only due to the pandemic and is subject to abruptly change.

My school district is deliberating the ways in which it can work around COVID-19 and their consensus will ultimately decide if I am active in the future.

What is Megacity2005Creator working on?

Place Description Progress Map Link
Phoenix Natural Features The city's getting a complete overhaul. 2% Here.
Phoenix Basic Grid Network 10% see above
Michisaukee Detailing the state's Appalachian-esque areas. not open yet Here.
AR120-14 Hudson Valley vibes, with New England-ish coast. not open yet Here.
Massodeya City Might jump into this if I have extra time on my hands. not open yet Here.

Does Megacity2005Creator have a sandbox?

Yes, here. For now it doesn't contain anything particularly interesting or important.

What about a bliki?

Yup, I'm one of those people. Here.

Is there work worth sharing?

Bluevista (cringe)

Huntington Central Grid

Juliansson Hills, Capital District

Riopoderos (lost state, might get deleted soon)

Phoenix so far (ignore everything east of 13th Street)

Anything else that's important?

My JOSM skills are still extremely shaky.

Also here's my insta: [2]