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Hi, this is my wiki page! I own the FSA state of AR120-71, also known as Riopoderos.

In real life, I am a MegacityCreator on OGF, but I am not even a MegacityResident. I live in the barren town of Wasilla, Alaska, 2,228 miles from the nearest metropolis. In this chasm of nothingness, one could travel to Russia faster than they could to the lower 48 states, a tree you may stumble upon will be leafless, and a living thing that you encounter will most likely not be a person, but a moose. Therefore, OGF gives me the gateway to return to the lower 48 and the entire rest of the world. The prospect of a city you have created showing up in your mind just amazes me.

But then again, in real life, Alaska does not equal Eskimos living in igloos and eating ice for dinner. (There are other residents of this state here who can back me up...) Aside from this, I'm just a typical 9th grader- I play basketball and run track, and have managed to get just about as popular as a nerd like me could get. I make frequent visits to both New York City and Oregon. But aside from my family, I haven't really been very open about my mapping habits. I have sometimes made short-lived decisions to show myself in all my glory and allow people to know about this, but I have never put it fully into action. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

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What my work has been inspired by:

In OGF, I have looked at places such as Jundah, Tarkenton, and Warwick as inspiration for my cities. However, my primary source of lightbulbs come from OpenStreetMap, where I allow cartography from New York and California to brush into my mapping. The result is mapping similar to Denver, Colorado, because chances are that's where you may end up if you draw a straight line from New York City to San Francisco.

What my work, um, actually looks like:

Unfortunately, my complete incapability to find out the complicated process of using JOSM has led to my work not being as great as Jundah, Tarkenton, or Warwick. But I guess I could show it off anyway...

Bluevista see on OGF

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Located in the vast mountains of southern Mecyna, this was the first city I made on OGF. Trust me, I did not come here with this much intrinsic mapping knowledge. Originally called "The Premises", this city was originally meant to be a small, modern, suburban-type city with no malls or skyscrapers or anything like that. The grids were oddly made, and residential areas were awkwardly shaped and out of scale. The original downtown still exits today because by the time I wanted to redo it, it was too late. The city has undergone several major revisions, such as the complete restart of the entire eastern area, and the de-abbreviation of every road under a user's request. I meant to finish the project, but earlier mishaps that I simply had no energy to fix left me with the only prospect of creating a truly picturesque city to be to start a new one in an FSA territory. Now Bluevista is up for collaboration, and someday I may return to clearing it up.

Huntington see on OGF

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Zytik gave me permission to create a draft of the FSA's capital, Huntington (in downtown) before the project was rebooted in July. I pined to coordinate it but the duty was placed in the hands of more experienced users. Now in the new project I'm making suburbs in Juliansson Hills, an area similar to Ashburn, Virginia with rapid population growth and beautiful, green mountains. Part of my old design is still being used.

Riopoderos see on OGF

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For now it's almost empty, but this state is my primary source of focus for now. The primary objective of this state is a Colorado with more Spanish (Castellanese) influence, and a state that has a more equal balance between rural and urban mapping. Therefore, I am starting on detailing the natural features first, and not moving onto the cities until later.

The Corridor see on OGF

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Okay, maybe I lied about the natural features first- kind of. This area is sort of a testing ground for me, allowing me to experiment with the best ways to plan out the rest of my state. Work on this will not cease until it is entirely filled with detail.

My Sandbox