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Just to see where I've been and where I'm going.

2019.07.17- Entranced Into Ridiculous Amounts of Detail

Ever since returning to my old town of Hillsboro, Virginia this weekend for a visit, almost every second of my surprisingly busy summer routine that I have to myself has been devoted to mapping. I know it's unhealthy. I guess I can use the excuse that I need to redeem my time after figuring out how to bypass my time limit (just log into the guest user account- shhh.)

Anyway, I have been super-detailing mass amounts of rolling hills and serene creeks in the middle of nowhere, because, well, that's pretty much the definition of Hillsboro. Most of it is centered around the North Fork Ventana River (alter-ego of Catoctin Creek), which is lying in a small subsection of a mountain range to its west- almost a perfect new edition of the Appalachian foothills, while adding the endless grids that control the Midwest.

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Feedback is greatly appreciated!

2019.06.10- Sprawl, Scenery, and Screen Time Limits

A few weeks back, my authoritarian parents insisted that I was "spending too much time on a screen" and initiated harsh, short time limits. Between that, school letting out, and figuring out (and basically giving up on) JOSM, was what led to my two-week hiatus. However, ever since a helpful user who knows a bit more in JOSM than me created a mile-by-mile grid filling my entire state, work on farmland has been a lot easier.

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My primary source of focus since I came back has been the hillbilly town of Bauermont- I've wanted to take a little break from urban mapping. It relates In a way to Sterling, Colorado. To its west will be the Corbin Valley, where the strict grids of the plains begin to deform and give way to rolling, east-coast type hills. That golf course is a sure sign of it.

2019.05.14- Colorado-Virginia Blend

Today, my work begins on the 1980s master-planned city, Porte Springs. I have finished the main river flowing north of the town and will soon get to work on the vicinity's tributaries. I have a general sketch that I absentmindedly created in English class. The main city will have almost no downtown grid- rather the main commercial areas will be in an imperfect ring around the city. The old settlement (1910s) will lie on the banks of the Fronteras River. In general, the street layout will have some similarities to Parker, CO, while topography and commercial areas will bear more resemblance to Ashburn, VA, an area not far from where I used to live and that I have lots of experience from. Hopefully I can find my sketch...

2019.05.03- Just A Landmark

A little late, but May 3rd marks the day I acquired my Colorado-esque territory, Riopoderos "the powerful rivers". You can find a snippet of my project plan here.