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Hello, I am Mstr. If necessary please contact me via my OGF inbox. Also feel free to add any comments you have about my work on the discussion page.

Work and current projects

I've started to collect nice places and excellent examples of mapping in OGF in my list of featured objects. If you know some more places, don't hesitate to add your nomination there!

To use this wiki more efficiently I've added some templates and even more templates. Don't hesitate to use them if they seem to be helpful!

A very important tool to check quality of mapping is the Overpass API. Since handling queries sometimes is cumbersome I've linked standard overpass queries and overpass queries for Mergany.


My first country Mergany Flag.png Mergany is located in Eastern Uletha. Mergany is a highly developed nation exhibiting one of the world's largest economies in the sector of high technology. If you like to see industrial areas you are welcome there!


The second country - Viljanni Flag.png Viljanni - is also located in Eastern Uletha. It's a small and sovereign city-state and might be one of the capital cities of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies. Therefore, it is a collaborative project.

Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies

As you might have observed, the EUOIA Flag proposal2.png Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies (EUOIA) is one of the most prospering multinational organizations of the world. Its further development is still a huge and complex task. I'm responsible for the establishment of its economic alliance, the Eastern Ulethan Economic Community (EUEC).

Federal States contributions

I'm developing a small county in the Eastern collaborative state of the Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States. Take a closer look at Ann'harbor and other projects.

Explore my edits

In my territory

On other territories

Some of my edits are outside of my territory (of course I have asked for permission or have been invited). You can see some notable examples in this table:

Notable places in foreign territories

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Pliar sportswear factory in Mynninghamn, Østermark

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Pliar sportswear factory in Dolala, Commonia

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Mergodin School of Economics and Engineering in Twenty Palms, Demacia

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Mergan contribution to the Expomondiale 2018 in Tarott, Kalm

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SAF chemical plant in Quentinsburgh, Freedemia

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BHT Container Terminal in the Port of Trevers, Trevers, Paroy


MStr sandbox.png

Current projects

Industrial development in OGF

Portal for Science and Technology

Important pages