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Multinational aircraft production

Developing and producing highly developed aircrafts is extremely expensive, too expensive for a single country. With the foundation of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies I see the chance to establish a new multinational aircraft manufacturer, similar to Airbus in the real world.

Industrial products from Mergany

Military products from Mergany

Companies of Mergany

This section contains a very long list of notable Mergan companies which can be used for whatever kind of (preferably positive!) story. Instead of creating separate articles important information is gathered here. Moreover, blue links can be easily set by using:


List of companies


  • consumer electronics manufacturer
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • AC&B is a Mergan consumer electronics manufacturer, headquartered in Stanncatt.

Aero Line

  • airline founded in 1951
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • website: www.aeroline.mer
  • Aero Line is a Mergan airline headquartered in Stanncatt.
  • WAAT-code: AE

Aerotheon Group

Aerotheon Group.png



  • temporary work agency
  • headquarters: tbd

Bläs und Partner

Bokens Best

  • retail, bookselling
  • founded in 1972
  • headquarters: tbd


  • publisher
  • headquarters: Brugham
  • Bolzer is a Mergan publisher, headquartered in Brugham. It is also the name of Mergany's leading sports magazine and is focused primarily on football.

Brodhag und Richter

  • planning, engineering, construction
  • founded in 1958
  • headquarters: tbd

Brugham Harbor Terminals


  • automobile producer
  • founded in 1885
  • headquarters: Löbingen
  • Cenz is a Mergan automobile manufacturer founded in 1885.


  • automotive industry, automotive parts
  • founded in 1932
  • headquarters: Stanncatt

Cöhner Bank

  • banking, financial services
  • founded in 1852
  • headquarters: Cöhn

Cöhner Flugleasing

  • aviation Finance
  • founded in 1958
  • headquarters: Cöhn


  • producer of construction material, clinker, cement
  • founded in 1856 by Jannek Colski, Phil Hims
  • headquarters: Löbingen
  • Director Dr.-Ing. Peter Müller
  • Colhim is a Mergan-based global building materials company, founded in 1855 by Jannek Colski and Phil Hims. The company expanded throughout Uletha during the 1920s.
  • 01.12.2016. Colhim Clinker Plant opens at Waylon Street, 18, Lofts, Gardena, 7204, Demacia.


  • bakery chain
  • founded in 1951
  • headquarters: tbd


  • Duben-Effernsche Maschinenbau AG
  • heavy equipment for construction sites, steam locomotives, tractors, trucks and military vehicles
  • founded in 1866
  • headquarters: Duben

Electronic Buy

Ereva Group

  • conglomerate
  • founded in 1932
  • headquarters: Brugham
  • The Ereva Group is an Mergan privately owned international conglomerate based in Brugham. It comprises different kinds of business ventures and investments.


  • construction materials
  • headquarters: Suidbrug

Flyg Mergan

Frantz Eder

  • timber construction
  • headquarters: tbd


Gobeletplain logo3.png


Halske logo.png


  • hotel chain
  • headquarters: tbd

Heinz Bau

Heinz Bau AG.png
  • construction company
  • headquarters: Werschin


HolmVoss logo.png


  • hotel chain
  • headquarters: tbd


  • steel and mining company, steel products, rails, elevator systems, plant technologies, elevator systems
  • founded in 1867
  • headquarters: tbd

Hogesch Bau Union

  • special heavy construction, construction products
  • founded in 1902
  • headquarters: tbd

Jet Green

  • airline
  • headquarters: tbd

Johann Matthaeussen

Matthaeussen logo.png

Klick IT

Klick logo.png
  • software
  • products: web browser, email client
  • founded in 1986
  • headquarters: tbd




Liebscher logo.png
  • heavy equipment for construction sites, earthmoving, mining and transportations
  • products and components: concrete technology, maritime cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, aerospace, transportation systems, machine tools, automation systems
  • founded in 1936
  • headquarters: tbd


Lötzen logo.png
  • construction
  • founded in 1875
  • headquarters; Stanncatt
  • Director Dr.-Ing. Frank Schlicker
  • construction services, project management, facility management
  • divisions: Construction, maintenance, engineering
  • Lötzen is a Mergan construction company based in Stanncatt. It is Mergany's largest construction company and operates globally. In 2014 it employed more than 20,000 employees across three corporate divisions, being involved with construction project planning, finance, construction and operation. The company's history dates back to 1875 and includes many engineering feats.


Magnus logo2.png
  • Automotive industry
  • headquarters: Gausbrug
  • fire and rescue vehicles
  • Magnus is a truck manufacturer based in Gausbrug, Mergany and was founded by Karl Magnus. The company began manufacturing fire-fighting vehicles in 1852. In the late 1910s, it started the production of trucks. These vehicles developed a reputation for high engineering standards, able to operate under the most arduous conditions.

One of the company's most important inventions in the early years was the turntable ladder, which quickly became an essential item of fire brigade equipment worldwide. The logo of Magnus is a stylised M with two sharp, long edges to represent the towers of the Gausbrug Cathedral.

Magnus firetruck1.jpg


  • headquarters: tbd



Maschinenfabrik Werschin

  • manufacturing, automotive industry, marine engineering
  • founded in 1779
  • headquarters: Werschin

Meine Heimat

Mergan Staatsbahnen

Mergan Vision

Mergan Vision Logo.png
  • state-owned broadcaster
  • founded in 1962
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • The Mergan state broadcaster Mergan Vision provides radio and television broadcasts in Mergan and many other languages across the globe. Its Mergan language services are tailored for Mergan language learners by being spoken at slow speed. Mergan Vision also provides an e-learning website to learn Mergan.

Merganus Bank

Merganus Bank.png


Merganwings logo2.png





  • food and beverage
  • headquarters: tbd


  • city planning, engineering
  • headquarters: Cöhn

Mielke, Straub und Partner (MSP) is an international city planning and engineering company based in Cöhn, Mergany. The company was founded in 1952 by Peter Mielke, Franz Straub, Dieter Theissen and Thomas Jung and has more than 600 employees in 7 offices: Cöhn, Gausbrug, Werschin, Liek, Brugham, Stanncatt, Viljanni


  • The Maizener Zweirad Werke, usually reffered to as MZW is a Mergan motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1922 in Maizen.


  • aerospace
  • founded in 1994
  • Nolovare is a Mergan company founded in 1994 to develop and produce lift airships and offer logistical services through point-to point transport of heavy and outsized loads.
  • airship hangar with 470m x 210m


  • aerospace industry, aircraft, aircraft maintenance
  • founded in 1915by Claus Nordier
  • headquarters: Bütingen
  • Director Dr.-Ing. Simon Stafferson
  • Nordier-Werke is a Mergan aircraft manufacturer founded in Bütingen in 1915 by Claus Nordier. Over the course of its long lifespan, the company produced many designs for both the civil and military markets.
  • The Nordier N11 is a fixed-wing, twin-engine, propeller-driven airliner with a capacity of 26 and in later versions 32 passengers. Its cruise speed is 280 km/h and the range is about 2 500 km. The first aircraft was produced in 1931, but series production started in 1934.
  • Nordier-Werke produced many aircrafts for the Confederate Defence.


  • mining company
  • headquarters: tbd


Oktane logo.png


  • headquarters in Rohevann
  • service Freight shipping
  • Operandia is a global freight shipping company, specialized on transportation of products from the chemical industry and all kinds of dangerous goods. It is headquartered in Rohevann, Mergany.


  • automotive industry
  • headquarters: tbd



  • pharmaceutical company
  • founded in 1963 by Adam Meck
  • headquarters: Dinlau
  • Pharmovid is a Mergan pharmaceutical company, founded in 1963 by Adam Meck. The company develops and produces medicines for a wide range of medical disciplines, but is also known for its reasonably priced generic medicaments. It is based in Dinlau in the northwest of Wabern and products being distributed in over 45 countries worldwide.
  • OGFmapicon.png Pharmovid manufactory






  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • website: www.prowerker.mer
  • Founded in 1971, Prowerker is a large do-it-yourself retailer in Mergany. It is headquartered in Stanncatt.
  • Locations: Prowerker currently has TBD locations.
Country City Map Opened Note
Mergany Flag.png Mergany Stanncatt map 1981
Esheinflag.png Eshein Kellerr map 1997
Unknown Flag.png Undecided tbd [xxx map] 19xx coming soon!


  • food and beverage company
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • Reffero is a Mergan food and beverage company headquartered in Stanncatt. It is the largest food company of the country and operates across most countries in Uletha. Reffero's products include baby food, beer, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods and snacks.


  • steel manufacturer
  • headquarters: Suidbrug


Sabouche logo.jpg
  • Online social network
  • listen on MERHAB16
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • website:
  • Sabouche, often stylized as sabouche, is an online social networking service based in Chaussee, Stanncatt, Mergan. Its website was launched on June 12, 2003, by a group of students from Tecscleron University. At the beginning, the service was only available in Mergan language and therefore limited. Within the first month it got a wide distribution among students and pupils and was then gradually expanded to more languages and countries.
  • In order to get access to the site one has to register. Members can create a user profile, share information, photos and videos, connect other users to their profile and exchange messages.
  • Sabouche is listed on the Mergan Handelsbörsen and is a component of the MERHAB16 stock market index.


Scientific Mergan


Seebecks logo.png
  • fast-food restaurant chain
  • headquarters: Liek
Seebecks restaurant1.jpg
Seebecks restaurant2.jpg

Seebeck's is a Mergan fast-food restaurant chain specialising in seafood. In addition to selling raw and smoked seafood, the company also sells a wide variety of meals and products prepared from seafood such as fish sandwiches, salads, and canned seafood.

List of Seebeck's restaurants in Mergany MER-refresh.png
Name State City Map
Seebeck's [[]] [[]] OGFmapicon.png map
Seebeck's [[]] [[]] OGFmapicon.png map
Seebeck's [[]] [[]] OGFmapicon.png map
Seebeck's [[]] [[]] OGFmapicon.png map

Share it!

  • car sharing company
  • present in all Mergan towns and cities
  • headquarters: tbd


  • headquarters: Streunelitz
  • website: www.sinlers.mer
  • Sinler's is the leading discount supermarket chain in Mergany. Based in Streunelitz, the chain was founded by Peter Sinler and his son Georg Sinler in 1942 when they took over a small store in Streunelitz which had been in operation since 1925.
  • List of shops:
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List of Sinler's Supermarkets
Country City Name Notes Map
Mergany Juntosa Sinler's prototyping shop OGFmapicon.png map
Mergany Juntosa Sinler's prototyping shop OGFmapicon.png map
Mergany Juntosa Sinler's prototyping shop OGFmapicon.png map
Mergany Juntosa Sinler's prototyping shop OGFmapicon.png map
Mergany Juntosa Sinler's prototyping shop OGFmapicon.png map
Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Sinler's Drive-In-Store OGFmapicon.png map
Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Sinler's Drive-In-Store OGFmapicon.png map
Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Sinler's Drive-In-Store OGFmapicon.png map
Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Sinler's Drive-In-Store OGFmapicon.png map
Lorredion Rivador Sinler's Supermarket OGFmapicon.png map



  • state-owned infrastructure company for electricity
  • founded in 2010
  • headquarters: tbd

Theodor Zollmann

  • construction company
  • founded in 1841
  • headquarters: Gausbrug
  • Theodor Zollmann is a Mergan construction company based in Gausbrug. It is Mergany's second largest construction company and operates internationally.


TMS logo.png
  • hardware and software
  • founded in tbd
  • headquarters: tbd
  • Transworld Microsystems (TMS) is a Mergan multinational technology company headquartered in tbd, with operations in over 100 countries. TMS develops, produces and sells computer hardware and software. In addition, TMS is also a major research organization, holding many patents and provides hosting and consulting services in many areas.


  • tableware manufacturer
  • founded in 1881
  • headquarters: Pöggingen
  • TMW, also known as Tafelwaren Manufaktur Wirtembrug (Ingerish: Tableware Manufacturer Wirtembrug), is a Mergan tableware manufacturer, founded in 1857 in Pöggingen.
  • History: TWG was originally called Tafelwaren Manufaktur Eugen Zeuser. After opening a new fabric in Pöggingen in 1881 they became a large producer and exporter of household metalware, designed in their own studios under Reinhold Zeuser and Leonid Zeuser.
  • OGFmapicon.png TMW manufactory


  • Aircraft engines
  • founded in 1952 by Sean Trefet
  • Trefet is a Mergan aerospace manufacturer with global service operations. The company was founded in 1952 by the engineer Sean Trefet, who had migrated from Pretany a few years before. Its headquarters are in tbd. Trefet's aircraft engines are widely used in both civil aviation (especially airlines) and military aviation. In addition to aircraft engines, Trefet startet 1985 to manufacture gas turbines for industrial and power generation.


Ulethel logo.png
Ulethel building sm.jpg


  • state-owned infrastructure company for streets

Volta (automobiles)

Volta car logo.png


  • automotive industry, electric car
  • founded in 2001
  • liquidated in 2010
  • headquarters: Stanncatt


  • trains, rail vehicles
  • headquarters: tbd


Wank logo.png
Wank engine cycle.gif
  • founded in tbd by Fritz Wank
  • headquarters: tbd
  • The Frantz Wank SU is a Mergan engine manufacturer based in tbd. The company designs and manufactures Wank engines for cars. A Wank engine is a type of internal combustion engine using an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion. This type of engine delivers many advantages such as simplicity, smoothness, compactness, but also high revolutions per minute and a high power-to-weight ratio. It is mainly used in cars and burns gasoline. Since several years new versions of Wank engines can be used with hydrogen fuel.


  • luxury hotel chain
  • headquarters: tbd
  • founded in tbd
  • The Wallort-Excelsia is a luxury hotel chain headquartered in tbd. An icon of luxury and glamour, current Wallort-Excelsia hotels often belong to the world's most prestigious and best known hotels. Some hotels are member of to the Leading Hotels Organization.

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Locations on the map

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Companies of Viljanni

This section contains a very long list of notable Viljanni companies which can be used for whatever kind of (preferably positive!) story. Instead of creating separate articles important information is gathered here. Moreover, blue links can be easily set by using:


List of companies

Air Velin

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  • supermarket chain
  • headquarters: Viljanni
  • website: www.coopii.vj
  • Coopii is the largest discount supermarket chain in Viljanni.
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List of Coopii supermarkets
Country City Name Notes Map


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Companies of the Federal States

This section contains a very long list of notable Federal States companies which can be used for whatever kind of (preferably positive!) story. Instead of creating separate articles important information is gathered here. Moreover, blue links can be easily set by using:


List of companies

Ann Shipbuilding

  • largest shipyard in Ann'harbor
  • designer, builder and refueler of many FS Navy ships and submarines
  • founded in 1882
  • website: www.annshipbuilding.fs
  • Ann Shipbuilding (ASB) is on of the largest shipyards on the East Coast and one of the largest industrial employers in Ann'harbor. It has the capability to build a variety of vessels including cargo ships, container ship, car carriers, tankers, iron ore carriers, naval vessels like destroyers, aircraft carriers and submarines. ASB also performs refueling and complex overhaul work on war vessels. Besides shipbuilding, the facility is able to do marine engineering, produce diesel engines, turbochargers, storage batteries, large steel structure fabrications and port machinery.
  • Since 1998, Ann Shipbuilding started the deactivation of nuclear-powered ships.


  • logistics company
  • main operator of the harbor facilities in Ann'harbor
  • founded in 1905
  • Annport is a privately owned agency responsible for administering services for the Ports of Ann'harbor. It is also a logistics and transportation company and operates several container terminals at the Ports of Ann'harbor, as well as cargo handling and transport services by rail, road and sea. Founded as state-owned agency in 1905, the company was privatised during the 1940s in order to modernize port facilities. The company is described as having adopted innovative approaches.

Ardentic Airlines

  • headquarters: Stanton
  • founded: 1941 as Oceanic Airlines, renamed in 1962 as Ardentic Airlines
  • mainly offers flights from the East Coast of the FSA across the southern Ardentic Ocean
  • WAAT-code: OA (code stems from Oceanic Airlines)

Eastern Electra

  • Federal States electric utility company
  • headquarters: Ann'harbor


Federal Airlines

Fedair logo.png

GESF Railway Company

GESF logo.png

Ingbas FS

  • construction company, builds nuclear power plants
  • headquarters: Ann'harbor


Lanchester logo.jpg
  • defense company
  • headquarters: Ann'harbor
  • The Lanchester M40 is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed and built in the Federal States. The M40 was originally designed as a troop, medevac, and cargo transport aircraft and is capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings. It entered service with the Federal States in 1958 and is still the main tactical airlifter for many military forces worldwide, also in a variety of other roles such as aerial refueling, maritime patrol, airborne assault, scientific research support, search and rescue, weather reconnaissance, aerial firefighting and gunship.

MacDougall Graham

Macdougallgraham logo.png


Obcare logo.png
  • private insurance company
  • headquarters: Ann'harbor
  • financial services, insurance, banking
  • Obcare is an insurance company headquartered in Ann'harbor. It is well known offering a private basic health insurance plan, which provides a standard level of coverage and can include health insurance, accident insurance, and long-term care insurance. Obcare insurances are easily accessible for everyone since the insurance plans for low-wage workers are partially subsidized by selling premium products to higher wage workers and by higher rates based on the salary. The company dates back to the industrialization era in the 1850s.
  • Electronic health card: The electronic health card is a credit card which also stores health-related information. To guarantee data security a Safewire Service System is used.
  • Headquarters: Obcare headquarters is located in a 13-story Brutalist office building, which was built in 1974.


  • technical service, data protection
  • founded in 1989
  • headquarters: Ann'harbor
  • main product: Safewire Service System

Staten Oil

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