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Industry-related categories

Due to the fact that my country Mergany is a industrial country, I try to reorganize the industrial sector, e.g. the categories and lists:


Multinational aircraft production

Developing and producing highly developed aircrafts is extremely expensive, too expensive for a single country. With the foundation of the Eastern Ulethan Organisation of Independent Allies I see the chance to establish a new multinational aircraft manufacturer, similar to Airbus in the real world.

Industrial products from Mergany

Military products from Mergany

Collection of companies of Mergany

This section contains a very long list of notable Mergan companies which can be used for whatever kind of (preferably positive!) story. Instead of creating separate articles important information is gathered here. Moreover, blue links can be easily set by using:


List of companies


  • consumer electronics manufacturer
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • AC&B is a Mergan consumer electronics manufacturer, headquartered in Stanncatt.



  • temporary work agency
  • headquarters: tbd

Bläs und Partner

Bokens Best

  • retail, bookselling
  • founded in 1972
  • headquarters: tbd


  • publisher
  • headquarters: Brugham
  • Bolzer is a Mergan publisher, headquartered in Brugham. It is also the name of Mergany's leading sports magazine and is focused primarily on football.

Brodhag und Richter

  • planning, engineering, construction
  • founded in 1958
  • headquarters: tbd


  • automotive industry, automotive parts
  • founded in 1932
  • headquarters: Stanncatt

Cöhner Bank

  • banking, financial services
  • founded in 1852
  • headquarters: Cöhn

Cöhner Flugleasing

  • aviation Finance
  • founded in 1958
  • headquarters: Cöhn


  • bakery chain
  • founded in 1951
  • headquarters: tbd

Electronic Buy

Ereva Group

  • conglomerate
  • founded in 1932
  • headquarters: Brugham
  • The Ereva Group is an Mergan privately owned international conglomerate based in Brugham. It comprises different kinds of business ventures and investments.


  • construction materials
  • headquarters: Suidbrug

Frantz Eder

  • timber construction
  • headquarters: tbd

Heinz Bau

Heinz Bau AG.png
  • construction company
  • headquarters: Werschin


  • hotel chain
  • headquarters: tbd


  • steel and mining company, steel products, rails, elevator systems, plant technologies, elevator systems
  • founded in 1867
  • headquarters: tbd

Hogesch Bau Union

  • special heavy construction, construction products
  • founded in 1902
  • headquarters: tbd

Jet Green

  • airline
  • headquarters: tbd


Liebscher logo.png
  • heavy equipment for construction sites, earthmoving, mining and transportations
  • products and components: concrete technology, maritime cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, aerospace, transportation systems, machine tools, automation systems
  • founded in 1936
  • headquarters: tbd


  • headquarters: tbd

Maschinenfabrik Werschin

  • manufacturing, automotive industry, marine engineering
  • founded in 1779
  • headquarters: Werschin

Meine Heimat

Mergan Vision

Mergan Vision Logo.png
  • state-owned broadcaster
  • founded in 1962
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • The Mergan state broadcaster Mergan Vision provides radio and television broadcasts in Mergan and many other languages across the globe. Its Mergan language services are tailored for Mergan language learners by being spoken at slow speed. Mergan Vision also provides an e-learning website to learn Mergan.



  • food and beverage
  • headquarters: tbd


  • city planning, engineering
  • headquarters: Cöhn

Mielke, Straub und Partner (MSP) is an international city planning and engineering company based in Cöhn, Mergany. The company was founded in 1952 by Peter Mielke, Franz Straub, Dieter Theissen and Thomas Jung and has more than 600 employees in 7 offices: Cöhn, Gausbrug, Werschin, Liek, Brugham, Stanncatt, Viljanni


  • mining company
  • headquarters: tbd


  • automotive industry
  • headquarters: tbd



  • pharmaceutical company
  • founded in 1963 by Adam Meck
  • headquarters: Dinlau
  • Pharmovid is a Mergan pharmaceutical company, founded in 1963 by Adam Meck. The company develops and produces medicines for a wide range of medical disciplines, but is also known for its reasonably priced generic medicaments. It is based in Dinlau in the northwest of Wabern and products being distributed in over 45 countries worldwide.
  • OGFmapicon.png Pharmovid manufactory


  • food and beverage company
  • headquarters: Stanncatt
  • Reffero is a Mergan food and beverage company headquartered in Stanncatt. It is the largest food company of the country and operates across most countries in Uletha. Reffero's products include baby food, beer, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods and snacks.


  • steel manufacturer
  • headquarters: Suidbrug

Scientific Mergan

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  • car sharing company
  • present in all Mergan towns and cities
  • headquarters: tbd


  • hotel chain
  • headquarters: tbd


  • state-owned infrastructure company for electricity
  • founded in 2010
  • headquarters: tbd

Theodor Zollmann

  • construction company
  • founded in 1841
  • headquarters: Gausbrug
  • Theodor Zollmann is a Mergan construction company based in Gausbrug. It is Mergany's second largest construction company and operates internationally.


  • tableware manufacturer
  • founded in 1881
  • headquarters: Pöggingen
  • TMW, also known as Tafelwaren Manufaktur Wirtembrug (Ingerish: Tableware Manufacturer Wirtembrug), is a Mergan tableware manufacturer, founded in 1857 in Pöggingen.
  • History: TWG was originally called Tafelwaren Manufaktur Eugen Zeuser. After opening a new fabric in Pöggingen in 1881 they became a large producer and exporter of household metalware, designed in their own studios under Reinhold Zeuser and Leonid Zeuser.
  • OGFmapicon.png TMW manufactory



  • state-owned infrastructure company for streets


  • automotive industry, electric car
  • founded in 2001
  • liquidated in 2010
  • headquarters: Stanncatt


  • trains, rail vehicles
  • headquarters: tbd