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Myrcia: Bliki 20/12/2017

Peghám - A Myrcian Village

Since I've been working a lot on the very urban Dunwic city centre I have decided to take a break to create a kind of 'model village' which is typical of Myrcia. I basically chose a random spot on my map and built Paghám which is remarkable only in how unremarkable it is. There's a small school, a pub, some shops, a little bit of light industry, an old people's home, some newer housing developments, some older ones, some social housing and some private housing. I count 356 households (+ the old folk's home) which gives it a population of 877 which puts it on a par with somewhere like Barton Stacey, which I think makes sense.

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Peghám is also home to my first ever attempt at 3D mapping. It's not something I'm very confident about but I thought why not give it a try on this tiny village church.

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I like the effort you've put into mapping the little details-paths, shops and services. Looking at the buildings you can distinctly see how the village has developed over time. It's things like these that give places an extra kick of reality. You've done an excellent job of 3D mapping too-it's really convincing. The only aspect I would modify is the alignment of the eastern trunk road, so skirts the village slightly further away. I'm relatively unfamiliar with the region though, and there may be a reason for it. (or you could create a reason, which would not be difficult) Yuanls (talk) 20:50, 21 December 2017 (CET)

Nice work on the 3D church. For the first few weeks after I signed up I was unable to access JOSM, so large area edits were pretty much impossible. As a result I spent a lot of time mapping really detailed buildings, and found it to be really fun! It's a challenging little puzzle, to figure out how to get some 2D shapes to look like the 3D form you want to suggest. Anyway, as a first attempt this is great. If it's something that you enjoyed and want to do more of, I'd highly recommend checking out the work that refried sushi has done in the downtown area of Port Mallore. Some of the most extensive 3D stuff I've come across, and lots of great little details. A few key spots: map1 map2 map3 --LW (talk) 11:58, 20 December 2017 (CST)

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