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13, -36.6029, 169.2471
Dunwic, seen from Dunwic Castle.
FlagCoat of arms
FlagCoat of arms
"Gesyntu ac Holm
(Myrcian: Prosperity and the Sea)"
 • LæðBernica
 • BurgealdorPeny Wale
 • BurhgeréfaTyne Duyle
 • Estimate (2014)413,880
Postal CodeEL
Telephone Code01
MetroMetro Dunwic

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The city of Dunwic is the capital of Myrcia. It is located on the south-western coast of the island of Humber in the læð of Bernica.



Ipsley Quad, Kirkcoleg Myrcia

Dunwic has long been a centre of learning and research in Archanta. The oldest, largest and most prestigious university in Myrcia is the Kirkcoleg Myrcia whose main campus is located west of the city centre. Other institutions based in the city include Roberts University in Clifton and Dunwic College of Fine Art on Wendell Avenue.


An MR Regio 12 train crosses the River Ducc en route to Vesthæfen


The major international airport for the entirety of Myrcia is Dunwic International Airport which is located around 15 miles from the city centre, close to Wearshore. International flights depart from Terminal One whilst domestic flights depart from Terminal Two. The airport is the base for the Myrcian flag-carrier Myrcian Airways. It can be reached by Metro or bus from the city centre and suburbs.


Myrcian Railways Inter-City services serving Dunwic

Railway services in Dunwic are operated by Myrcian Railways, a state-owned company. The major station is Dunwic St Alfred which is located in the city centre where all inter-city trains terminate. Local 'Regio' services continue to either Dunwic Hæfen or St Brannoc Hæfen stations. There are two major inter-city lines in Myrcia; the North Star which runs along the north-west coast to Nordport or St Alfaed and the Westaxe Wyvern which heads south-east to St Grimbald and Renburh.

Origin Terminus Notes
MR Inter-City
N Dunwic St Alfred Nordport / St Alfaed
W Dunwic St Alfred St Grimbald / Renburh
MR Regio
11 St Brannoc Hæfen / St Brannoc Harbour Duccsford Parcway / Duxford Parkway
12 St Brannoc Mid / St Brannoc Central Vesthæfen / Westport
13 Dunwic St Alfred Vesthæfen / Wesport
14 Dunwic Hæfen / Dunwic Harbour St Edburga or Dunwic International Airport

Light Rail

Dunwic's light rail system is the Linbæn which is operated by Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic


Dunwic's tram system is the Trambæn which is operated by Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic


A view of the city's famous coloured houses in Downsend

Dunwic is the main hub for international ferry services in Myrcia. Dunwic Harbour, located around two miles north of the city centre, incorporates both domestic and international ferry terminals. Domestic ferries operated by Myrcian Ferries arrive at the Marine Terminal and international ferries arrive at the International Terminal. Dunwic Marine railway station is a major terminus for cross-country and Metro services and serves both ferry terminals.


City buses in Dunwic are operated by the municipality. They extend out into much of Bernica and link up with Metro, tram and rail services as well as serving the airport, docks and ferryport. The terminus for most services is the Central Bus Station which is located close to St Alfred Station on Vince Street. Inter-city buses run from the Inter-City Bus Station which is located on Alfred Avenue and served by Parliament Avenue Metro station.


The Dunwic Busway network is a Bus Rapid Transit system which began operation in June 2015. It currently consists of two guided busways which run along Wellington and Bletchley Avenues from the Central Bus Station, through Ordshall terminating just short of the Inner Ring Road. Buses continue on regular streets after the terminus of the busways to destinations in suburban Dunwic. Further extensions to the network are under construction.

Cycling and Walking

Concerted efforts have been made in recent years to make Dunwic into a more cycle and pedestrian-friendly city. These have included the Station Avenue Cycleway which has converted disused railway land into a 'greenway' which cyclists can use for quick access into the city centre; there have also been a number of new footbridges opened across the River Elm at Bridforth and Castle Gardens. Much of the Old City has been pedestrianised in the past decade including King's Square and the Royal Mile and when Oxford Avenue was re-modelled in 2000, to accommodate trams, the central reservation became gardens and a pedestrian boulevard.

Central Subway

The Central Subway is an underground pedestrian walkway which was constructed in 1966. It runs from St Alfred Station and runs south with exits at the Central Bus Station, the Inter-City Bus Terminal and Wellington Bridge, terminating at Parliament Avenue metro station.


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