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I'm Octavian, owner and mapper of Anisora, a federal monarchy located in southeastern Uletha. I'm from the United Kingdom, a native English speaker, but map primarily in Italian (Ispelian), the majority language of Anisora.

Current projects

  • Pena - the capital city of Anisora; inspired by Paris, France.
  • Peradotto - a university town comprising 33 constituent colleges; inspired by Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Alviera - a small medieval village and castle east of Peradotto.
  • Palazzo Labriola - the royal country estate of the Kings of Anisora, together with the Labriola Royal Park.
Current Projects

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Pena, capital city of Anisora

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Peradotto, university town in northern Anisora

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Alviera, a medieval walled village and castle

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Labriola Palace and Gardens, the country estate of the Kings of Anisora