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24.322, 36.436 - BanderaPoheniciaV2.png Pohenicia

29.3642, 29.0451 - Dematísna Flag.png Dematisna

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Hi! My real name is Guillermo and I'm from Granada, Spain. I have also Portuguese and French origins and that's one of the things that inspire my mapping. Many of the locations that I've created are inspired in cities from Spain, Portugal or France. I've been mapping since I was very young (like eight years old) and along the years I've improved the mapping. I arrived in OpenGeofiction three years ago, and still today I'm trying to improve my mapping toward better detailed and more realistic places. Apart from geofiction, I love history, geography, urbanism and architecture. I also spend many times making amateur photography, reading Hispanic, English or fantastic literature or writing some shit.

Send me a message on OGF or send me an email ( If you want, catch me at Instagram @guillermo.cmi

I am currently administrating Dematisna Collaborative Project with Louis Walker and Asithane City Project on Dematísna. More information about Asithane and how to collaborate can be found here: User:Oscar2002/Sandbox/Asithane

Down here you can see a map whith my current work in Pohenicia. Red means inactive work; yellow means work in progress and green finished work. I will start writting wiki articles as soon as I've learn more about wiki articles edition.

Portfolio, Work in Progress and Stopped Works

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