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Noticing North Harbour

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Saviso is coming along quite nicely, I think. What at the start of the year was an uncharted bend in the coastline has been developed into a fairly nice metropolis stretching from Lassiter Bay in the north to Lake Audhill in the south, with the St Austell River and Cobalt Island holding in the sides of the city. Open ground between suburbs and main roads is slowly starting to fill in with development - so far the suburbs of Adie Park, Beckinsale, Havana Bay, Kendalltown, Rhodestown, Sthilldina, and Thurdyne, to mention but a few, have sprung up like weeds, with many more to come (Ledesma and Waverley are looking nice at this time of year). Yes, Saviso's South Shore is looking swell. But the subject of this Bliki entry is not the South Shore; today we shall be discussing the North Harbour suburbs instead.

North Harbour at its most basic interpretation is a blend of the North Shores of both Auckland and Sydney. It is essentially the entire area stretching from Saviso Harbour to Lassiter and Wellesley Bays - that currently blank bit of coastline that will take shape as the motorway approaches. The area is divided between the cities of Lassiter, North Harbour, and Weymouth, the borough of Wellesley, and the Candora-Dynevor District; Green Hill, Arundel, Weymouth, Cottesloe, Tobermory, Wellesley, and Hendriks Bay are the main suburbs.

The reason I have made North Harbour the subject of today's entry is because this is where I have been focusing my attention for the last couple of days. Until this weekend, North Harbour was almost a barren wilderness, with Green Hill, Arundel, Weymouth, Kadetoo, and Stafford Point the only toeholds of civilisation to be found on the "other" side of the Harbour Bridge. This bothered me, as in the original Saviso it's a major part of the metropolis, as well as a distinct one - many Aucklanders will know that the North Shore has a culture all of its own (and perhaps the less said about Shore Boys and Girls the better). While Saviso is based on the southern shore (evident by its urban sprawl), like many harbour cities like Auckland, Sydney, and Hong Kong, has to have northern suburbs to complement its southern suburbs.

So far I've mainly focused on the area between Green Hill and Sel Acri Bay, which is roughly based on the area in Auckland between Birkenhead, the Wairau Valley, Castor Bay, and Devonport, with Mairangi Bay adapted as the basis for Sroe and Coralsea. Bits and pieces of Sydney's North Shore have been thrown in too, mainly from around Manly, Clontarf, and Mosman.

What's influenced where

  • Astley Beach and Stafford Point are based on Devonport, Cheltenham, and Belmont; Stafford Point is also based on the point of the same name in Auckland (famous for having a bridge built over it).
  • Kadetoo is also based on Stafford Point, and also Milsons Point in Sydney. Kadetoo is named for Johnny Cash's song Katy Too - without having the lyrics in front of me it sounded as though he were singing "Kady too", and, well, my mind went to work.
  • Tincowie Bay is based on Hauraki, Narrow Neck and also Belmont; while Point Providence is a shrunk-down interpretation of Bayswater.
  • Sroe is based on Mairangi Bay and Coralsea on Castor Bay.
    • The North Shores of both Auckland and Sydney have a number of hidden coves and beaches - I've decided that one of these should be set aside for people who prefer to take their sunning and sea baths a little closer to nature and without the trappings of modern society. Yes, Coralsea has a nude beach! But before our friends visiting from Laneston and Vandover disrobe in public and let it all hang out, do bear in mind that only Darling Beach caters to nudists. Coralsea General Beach isn't quite ready for all that sort of thing just yet.
  • Lake Tahoce is based on Lake Pupuke and Tuff Crater. Tahoce derives its name from Taharoto Road, which runs to the west of the lake, and is a rather pleasant-sounding name to me; the suburb is lightly based on this area.
  • Homewood, Solime, and Serefe are based on the likes of Unsworth Heights and Glenfield.
  • Levene is based on the Wairau Valley, known for being either a shopping area or one of the Shore's biggest traffic jams; neighbouring Acuna gets some of its design from Forrest Hill, across the Northern Motorway from the Wairau Valley. Acuna Boys' and Girls' Colleges are a nod to Westlake Boys' and Girls' High Schools in Forrest Hill, both of which are well-known schools in Auckland.
  • Green Hill is a little different from the others - it's based on Northcote and Highbury, which are on the North Shore, and Glendene, which is not (it's in West Auckland).
  • To the south of Green Hill are the suburbs of (from west to east) Ruddock Point, Gambier, and Heytesbury Point, all of which are based on the northern shoreline of the Waitemata Harbour between Beach Haven and Birkenhead. I'll have to find somewhere to put the Chelsea sugar refinery.

What's influenced what's not there yet

  • It's not been mapped yet, but Wellesley will draw quite heavily from Orewa, Silverdale, Millwater, and Hatfields Beach, all four of which are more satellite towns of Auckland than suburbs of the North Shore, but they'll count for this entry. Also in the works is the Lassiter Bay area, for which I'm thinking of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula (which is found to the south-east of Orewa and is harder to spell than it is to pronounce).
  • Sel Acri Bay will be a blend of East Coast Bays suburbs. At the moment my plans are to base it rather heavily on Milford, with Browns Bay and Murrays Bay added to the mix as well.
  • That big swathe of land in from the coast (north of Weymouth, Cottesloe, and Arundel; west of Levene, and south of Wellesley Bay) will become a somewhat rugged and hilly part of town - for this I'll be drawing on the hilly parts of the North Shore, as well as the hills west of Westgate, the hills and gullies of northern Sydney, and even the Yarra Ranges outside Melbourne. Target Road, which follows the Arundel River, is based on the Warburton Highway (B380) in the aforementioned Ranges.
  • Arundel, Weymouth, and Cottesloe are blank slates so far, although I have thought of looking further afield for inspiration - Glenelg and Semaphore in Adelaide have inspired a few of my seaside suburbs both in Saviso and Holme; maybe it's time for Glenelg and Semaphore to be done properly.

My original plan was for the area around Lassiter and Wellesley Bays to be the base of a peninsula jutting out into the sea roughly parallel with the Havilland coast, but as my plans for northern St Austell develop, I may have to rethink how that's going to work. I'll have to find room for a lake too, but I'll save that for another entry. For now, I just have to lay out streets for people to build houses along for all those North Harbour Boys and Girls.

By order of the Lands Survey Department,
ParAvion (talk) 01:28, 5 March 2017 (CET)

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This is amazing! I can see the very AKL look you've got going there with those harbours and bays. I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner for the coastline around Porto Uai. Well done! Turnsole80 (talk) 04:04, 24 March 2017 (CET)

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