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A Better Saviso Bradford

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There's disquiet at the airport these days. Passengers seem unhappy with the facilities. Pilots wonder if someday they will get better runways and taxiing facilities. Baggage handlers are nervously nudging each other by the carousel and whispering, "Have you heard? There's something wrong with Saviso Bradford."

Saviso Bradford Airport (SAV/LVSB) is Vodeo's most important airport. We're not sure exactly how many flights pass through here each year, but once the statisticians figure out which way to hold their pencils, we might be in business. Suffice it to say that as the country's largest city, Saviso needs a big airport with large muscles and plenty of hairs on its chest. The problem is, it doesn't have one. Let me explain.

Saviso's airport was originally a grass strip out at Auchi, where today's Baltic Hills Motorway passes through. This did well in the early years, but by the 1940s it just couldn't cope. The St Austellian government stepped in and began looking for somewhere to build a modern new facility, and found it on some farmland across the Saviso River from Fyanstown. The cheques were written, bills were paid, and in 1946 construction began. The airport opened in 1954, but had to be expanded again in the late 1950s to accommodate passengers attending the 1960 Geolympics. Keeping up? Good, because this is where we run into problems.

In 1954 there was still plenty of open land around the airport, but by the 1970s it had all been filled in with suburban development. Fortunately, the airport had been given ample room to expand, which it did so that decade, but by the time the airport had expanded again in the 2000s, it had exhausted all its land. There was nowhere the airport could go unless it wanted to mow down entire suburbs, and there was little chance that the good people of Ireton, Kiseln, or Whitehead were going to stand for that. Saviso is now stuck with a cramped airport that's almost bursting at the seams, which has prompted the national government to construct an additional airport near Aberfeldy (although the Trig Coast might be a better idea). What can be done?

This is where I'm hoping the good people of OpenGeofiction (and the rest of you, if you want) can help out. There are some marvellous airports around the world, such as those in Dunwic, Gobras City, and Khaiwoon, and I want Saviso to be comparable. My original plan had been to build the current airport and tinker with it, but it's obvious now that it's going to have to be completely re-done. So, good people (and reprobates), what needs changing? I've come up with a couple of points myself:

  • Those damn runways. They're a good length (2x 3490m and 1x 2630m), but they are way too close together, and there's no taxiing facilities. I think the alignment needs changing too, perhaps pointing from Whitehead or Rosetta to Akehurst rather than Honeycutt to Zepeasan Gap.
  • The terminal buildings will have to be moved further back from the runways. I'm sure the nice passengers would like to see planes taking off from the Empire Coffee lounge, but not up close and personal.
  • The motorways around the airport will need to be re-routed, since they look like they're squeezing the airport in. This will tie in nicely with the re-alignment of the motorways that I'm planning.
  • I'm even considering moving the airport altogether. It's quite likely that the land between Saviso and Silverwater would have been built-up by the mid-1940s while there wouldn't have been as many people living between Ledesma and Aldoribai. Perhaps the airport should be shifted west to open countryside?

So, how can we build a better Saviso Bradford? I'd love to see your suggestions.

By order of the Lands Survey Department,
ParAvion (talk) 01:18, 16 July 2017 (CEST)

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